Shannon and Nelson Chung's Birthday Fundraiser for the NICU

May 5, 2017 1:53pm
On June 29th, 2014 Shannon and Nelson hosted friends and family to celebrate their two beautiful daughters, encouraging donations for BC Women's Neonatal ICU in lieu of gifts. Read their story below.

My name is Shannon Chung and I am the mother of Danica and Teagan. They are still too young to write all by themselves about how they celebrated their birthdays this year so I will give them a hand.

On Sunday June 29th 2014 Nels‎on (my husband) and I helped our girls raise money for BC Women’s Neonatal ICU "Hope Starts Here" campaign. We are very proud and excited to say that with the help of our family and friends, we were able to raise close to $14,000.00!! Our goal was $10,000.00 and all I can say is it is amazing what happens when people come together for a great cause. Anything is possible.

What motivated us to do this? My husband and I both feel that our girls are so fortunate. They have puzzles, games, art sets, musical instruments and most importantly great health due to BC Women's amazing level of care. It became very obvious to us that we want our girls to live a life of gratitude and one of the ways to do this is to lead by example. We are so lucky to live in the heart of Vancouver and so close to BC Women's. Without BC Women’s it is possible that myself or my first born Danica may not be here today. What seemed like a routine normal natural birth turned into an emergency c-section. I do not need to go into details, but what I must say is that I somehow knew that all would be okay even in the seriousness of the situation. The BC Women’s medical staff were professional yet compassionate. Their competence surpassed my already high preconceived expectations, the equipment was state of the art and ultimately I felt that I was in the best hands.

How did we come up with the idea to help? A few months ago I saw that BC Women’s is in need of $17,000,000 million dollars to keep up their level of care. So we talked to Danica and she seemed to love the idea that instead of gifts from everyone, our friends and family can make a donation to all the tiny patients at BC Women’s Hospital Foundation's Neonatal ICU so that other families can have healthy babies too.

Lastly, it was an amazing experience. We all had fun and it feels amazing to help. I truly want to thank BC Women’s for my amazing experience and I want to thank all the nurses that helped me along the way in the middle of the night when I could barely move and didn't know what to do.


Forever grateful,

The Chung Family