Fundraise for a Baby Tile

Fundraising for your Baby Tile is easy to do, whether your friends and family live across the street, or across the country. Find out more about Baby Tiles here.

BC Women’s Foundation is in the process of switching to a new online fundraising tool to better serve our amazing supporters. There are several options for continuing to fundraise during this time period.

Our current online fundraising platform will be unavailable starting March 31, 2019. The new platform is anticipating to launch June 1, 2019. Thank you for your patience during this transition. 

Getting started is easy!

BC Women’s Foundation will help you set up your fundraiser for your Baby Tile. Contact Alina Wilson by email or at 604-875-2945 to get started.

Two Ways to Fundraise

1. Online Fundraising

It’s easy to donate online. Your friends and family can donate in support of your fundraiser through our main online BC Women’s donation form. They simply need to indicate during the donation that it is being made in support of your fundraiser.

2. Offline Fundraising

Upon request, we will mail you an offline fundraising kit. This includes:

  1. A tracking sheet to keep track of donations to your fundraiser and your progress towards your goal.
  2. Personalized donation forms and pre-paid envelopes that your friends and family can use to send their donation to your fundraiser directly to BC Women’s Hospital Foundation.

Ready, set, fundraise!

*To receive a tax receipt payment must be made directly by the donor to BC Women’s Foundation in the form of the donor’s own credit card or cheque, or cash. In addition, the donor’s full name and mailing address must be provided. Fundraisers may not receive a tax receipt for donations made by others on their behalf.