STAY GOLD T-Shirts - In Memory of Goldie Bloom Menzel

July 20, 2016 12:00am
In memory of Goldie Bloom Menzel, the STAY GOLD campaign raises funds for the Newborn ICU.

On July 10th 2015, Goldie Bloom Menzel was born six weeks early due to an unknown condition that caused her little body to fill with fluid. The NICU did everything they could to support Goldie as she held on to life, but ten days later doctors told parents Bethany and David Menzel that they didn't see her recovering.

Bethany and David then had to make the most difficult decision a parent could ever face -- how long they wanted to continue medical care. Those days and that evening changed their lives forever as they said good bye to precious Goldie.

“On Monday night, July 20th, Our precious Goldie laid in our arms for the first time as she took her last breaths. These ten days were the most amazing, profound, heartbreaking, and life changing days we’ve ever had and maybe will ever experience.” –Bethany Menzel

The founders of Good Husbands Apparel, all three mother’s themselves, felt compelled to reach out and help the Menzel family in the best way they knew how. With their passion for locally produced, affordable toddler apparel, they created a special “Stay Gold” tee for kids, ladies and men.

With 100% of net proceeds donated directly to the NICU at BC Women’s Hospital, these tees are a way to carry on a legacy for Goldie, while supporting the NICU in continuing to provide the highest level of care to other babies just like Goldie, and reminding us all to STAY GOLD.

Photo by M&Him Photography.

“We will forever miss and ache for our baby Goldie. She will always feel like our child and the 4th member of our family… But, thankful doesn't even begin to describe how much we appreciate the experience of both her time on earth and all the unknown experiences this will lead to in our lives.” – Bethany Menzel

Photo by M&Him Photography.

To read more on Goldie's story, visit Bethany's blog.

There are still a few toddler shirts left! To purchase, please visit the Good Husbands Apparel site.

If you would like to send a card to the Menzel Family while making a gift to the NICU in memory of baby Goldie please click here.