You are the reason babies like Alexandra are healthy and happy! Thank you!

May 12 2017 12:33pm
A letter form Barrett Brownlee whose daughter Alexandra, was born two months early. Baby Alexandra survived because of the care she received at BC Women's Hospital - now her mother Barrett is pregnant again...

Being separated from my baby daughter for six weeks was the single most painful experience of my life.

It's just not right to wake up on Christmas morning without your newborn under your own roof.

When I found out I was expecting a January baby, I didn’t expect to spend the holidays at BC Women’s Hospital.  But Alexandra arrived two months early, and she spent her first Christmas in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

On that Christmas morning, as my husband and I headed out to spend the day in the NICU, we were keenly reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. The only present we wanted was to see her tiny, peaceful face.

Leaving for the night was always the hardest. What I wouldn't have given to have her beside me while we both recovered!

The fact that Alexandra was alive was a gift in itself - I almost miscarried when I was 20 weeks pregnant. After that, I spent the rest of the time on strict bedrest. And I found out that there are still many mysteries about why some women go into labour and give birth too soon.

In the ideal world, there would be no premature babies. No moms separated from their newborns on Christmas morning.

You can help by donating to BC Women’s Hospital.  Their unique level of care and research brings hope to moms like me - it’s the only way doctors will find better treatments for preterm labour.

This year, I anticipate the holidays with a mixture of joy and fear. You see, Christmas is coming, and I’m pregnant again…

The holidays draw near, my bump continues to grow, and the memories of Alexandra's birth have a way of flooding back.

But I have hope.

I would never have tried for a second child had I not felt confident that my doctor has a treatment plan to minimize my risk of having the baby arrive too soon. 

And I have faith.

All will be well whenever Alexandra's little sister chooses to join us because BC Women’s Hospital is there.

You can help too.

Please join me in supporting BC Women’s Hospital. Make a holiday gift today to help moms like me carry my baby to term. And help babies like Alexandra live.

Thank you,

Barrett Brownlee

P.S. Every time I hug Alexandra, I appreciate the amazing care that we both received at BC Women’s Hospital.  Breakthroughs in research help to make this care possible. Please help by making a donation to BC Women’s Hospital today.