Why Andrea Sandhu is running for the Newborn ICU

The NICU at BC Women's is a very important place to my family and I. Almost 2 years ago, I unexpectedly delivered our twin boys at only 26 weeks gestation. Nikhil and Kai weighed only 2 lbs and 1.5 lbs respectively and were immediately brought to the NICU and placed on life support.

Both boys endured poking, prodding and multiple surgeries while the hard-working staff of the Newborn ICU worked to keep them alive. Sadly, after a 6 week battle, our dear son Nikhil passed away. Our son Kai made his brother proud and continued to fight, and after a long 4 month stay in the NICU was finally discharged home.

Since his discharge Kai has thrived and continues to amaze us. My family and I are eternally grateful for the wonderful, professional, knowledgeable staff in the NICU who cared for Nikhil and helped Kai survive and thrive to become the happy, energetic toddler he is today.

This June I will be running the Scotiabank Half Marathon for Nikhil and Kai, and raising funds for the NICU so they can continue to provide excellent care to other families. 

Please show your support by sponsoring me in the Scotiabank run!