The Arnesen Family

May 12 2017 12:35pm
Rebecca and Samantha were born very premature; Rebecca was especially fragile. Lilly tells how a special ventilator in the hands of newborn care experts saved her little girl’s life.

I found out I was pregnant with my twins Rebecca and Samantha in January 2012. Early screening detected limited blood flow between my placenta and my two babies. My girls were flagged as a high risk for Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome.

On August 15th, the blood flow going to Rebecca looked low and her growth stalled. At 29 weeks into my pregnancy, I needed an emergency caesarean section.

Thus began the journey with our life-saving team of experts in BC Women’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit.  While in the Newborn ICU, Rebecca needed significant breathing support. The Jet Ventilator was truly our lifeline for Rebecca and I am not sure if she would be here today without it. When she was born she had an open PDA valve in her heart. Her condition meant she had extra blood going to her lungs, making each breath she took a struggle.

Rebecca in the BC Women’s Newborn ICU, just after getting off the Jet Ventilator

The Newborn ICU team tried a range of different ventilators to try to find something that would work for Rebecca, the Jet Ventilator was the answer. Once on the Jet Ventilator, Rebecca's oxygen level was stable enough to perform the heart surgery that saved her life. Without the Jet Ventilator, she was having a very hard time keeping enough oxygen in her blood, which could have led to developmental issues.

I am deeply grateful that my child had access to this life saving equipment and I hope the same is true for many more families to come.

Samantha (left) and Rebecca (right) celebrate their first birthday!

Samantha (left) and Rebecca (right), healthy and happy in 2013 with their parents, Martin and Lily.


Please make a donation to the BC Women's Newborn ICU and help babies like Samantha and Rebecca.