Six year old Hy is running to say THANK YOU for his baby sister Leni!

May 12 2017 12:27pm
Hy's mother Sara tells us about her beautiful little daughter Leni and their family's gratitude to the Newborn ICU. "On June 22nd, my six-year-old son and I will be running and walking with our friends from the BC Women’s Baby Steps Team in The ScotiaBank Half Marathon in support of BC Women’s Newborn ICU."

"We will be running to say “thank you” for the happy and robustly healthy almost three-year-old little girl who is my son’s younger sister. Our daughter was born at less than 28 weeks gestation at BC Women’s Hospital. She weighed only 2lbs 2oz, and spent more than 2 months in the Newborn ICU at BC Women’s. I also lived at BC Women’s Hospital for 3 weeks because my water broke when I was less than 25 weeks into my pregnancy with her.

It may sound strange—because no one would choose to deliver a baby prematurely—but my husband and I feel profoundly grateful for having had this experience at BC Women’s Hospital. The time that we spent in the hospital (first with me staying there and my husband bringing our then three-year-old son to visit every day, then with my husband and I taking turns spending days and evenings in the NICU with our tiny, precious baby girl) was difficult, but it was also one of the most rewarding experiences either of us has had in our lives.

The care my daughter and I received was nothing short of excellent. It was so abundantly clear—in every step of our journey through the various stages of a high-risk pregnancy and in the post-partum care my baby and I received—that we were in such good hands. As a family, we were welcomed and supported and celebrated as important partners in giving our daughter the best chance she could have at surviving, and ultimately thriving, despite her early introduction to the world.

I remember how my son was welcomed to the NICU to visit his little sister (he called her his “tiny toy baby”) and would stand on a chair by her incubator, singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star softly to her. Today, when people remark (as they often do) on how good my son is with his little sister, I can’t help but think of those moments… and wonder if their closeness might have something to do with his early education in just how precious life is, and how fragile it can be.

Our debt to this Hospital is not one we can ever hope to repay, but we are so grateful for the vibrant life, and the lessons, that have come of our time there. We look forward to doing what we can to support BC Women’s Hospital for the rest of our lives."



Pictured top: Big brother Hy and baby Leni home together after a 2 month stay in the Newborn ICU


Pictured right:  A family photo with a now 6 year old Hy and 3 year old Leni!!


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