Saving Baby Sharma

Baby Herschel was born struggling for breath and fighting for his life. Today, thanks to you, he’s a happy, healthy one-year-old boy.

It’s your support that helped fund the medical expertise, facilities and state-of-the-art technology that saved Herschel’s life at BC Women’s Hospital. This is his story…

Herschel’s mom, Shalu Duggal Sharma remembers having “a perfect pregnancy,” which she hoped to follow with an equally perfect delivery. However, what she hadn’t counted on was “the unexpected.”

When Sharma arrived at BC Women’s, feverish and gripped by contractions, the maternity team immediately hooked her up to a fetal heart monitor. “It showed that our baby had a high heart rate, but after each contraction the heart rate dropped,” says Sharma. “Within minutes I was in the OR for an emergency C-section.”

But, the emergency didn’t end there. During delivery, Sharma’s newborn son breathed in amniotic fluid and meconium – a potentially life-threatening respiratory crisis. Thankfully, baby Herschel was in the right place to get the care he needed.

After clearing the fluid from the baby’s lungs, doctors quickly transferred him to the BC Women’s Newborn ICU for the highest level of critical care – care that included intravenous antibiotics, mechanical breathing support and a nasal feeding tube.

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare seeing their baby in distress,” says Sharma. “It was a very emotional time. Thankfully, the medical care Herschel received, and the emotional care we received were phenomenal.”

Thanks to you, when life throws young families an unexpected curve, BC Women’s Hospital is there to catch them.

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Little Herschel is now one year old!  Here he is with his mom and dad at the CTV launch of the BC Women's Newborn ICU Campaign.