A letter from NICU mom, Cindy Ghashghaee

February 17 2017 4:42am
Joy. Confusion. Terror. I felt such a range of heart-stopping emotions the day I gave birth to my twins – one healthy and one fighting for life.

As you can imagine, I’ve blocked out a lot of what happened in the delivery room. But I will never forget the thrill of giving birth to a healthy baby girl who arrived with a beautiful earth-shattering newborn’s cry.

I’ll also never forget hearing absolutely nothing from my second baby after an emergency C-section. Not one cry. No outward sign of life.

The look on my husband’s face told me something was desperately wrong … and it was utterly devastating to learn that several of my little boy’s organs had failed during delivery. It took twenty minutes to resuscitate him…

But Darius’ life was on the line. He needed an immediate transfer from our local hospital to BC Women’s Newborn ICU.

I couldn’t bear the thought of my husband and tiny baby being separated from me and his twin sister, but I knew in my heart that getting Darius to BC Women’s was his best chance at surviving. Thankfully they transferred me and little Nessa that very night to BC Women’s postpartum unit.

Darius wasn’t even moving when he arrived at BC Women’s. But once there I could see how much the amazing nurses and doctors loved him. Without their caring support and expertise Darius wouldn’t be here today.

That’s what they do at BC Women’s. They care for the most critically ill and premature babies … and make them healthy.

So that makes you a life saver too. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for supporting the BC Women’s Hospital Foundation.

My Mother’s Day wish is that you’ll join me now in equipping the Newborn ICU to help give the gift of life to other babies at risk.  Any amount you can manage will help babies leave the hospital healthy and happy, like Darius eventually did.

It was four days before I could hold Darius.

With all of the tubes and equipment it was quite a task to move him into my arms, but it was after this very first cuddle that he started to be more responsive. They knew Darius needed to be skin to skin with me.
Because of his rocky start, Darius had some complications. He suffered some hearing loss and uses tiny hearing aids now.

But he’s meeting his milestones.

He’s 14 months old and he loves to pull things out of the cupboards. He’s crawling and getting closer and closer to walking as he’s pulling himself up to stand unsupported for a bit.

He loves to eat and to play with his sister. He especially loves to wrestle with her, although she’s not quite as crazy about that as he is.

As you know, I’m incredibly thankful my babies are healthy and happy. 

Now it’s time to make sure the Newborn ICU can continue giving leading-edge care as the province’s referral centre for women coping with the riskiest pregnancies. And for babies whose lives are in peril…

About 20% of British Columbia’s babies are born at BC Women’s. Others, like Darius, are rushed there for their best chance of surviving. Let’s give these precious babies the best odds with a donation to help provide equipment for the Newborn ICU.

With warmest gratitude,

Cindy Ghashghaee
Grateful mom to Darius and Nessa

P.S. At BC Women’s NICU, they’re prepared for any emergency that could happen during a baby’s birth. Even the unexpected, like Darius’ case. He almost didn’t make it. And there was no way we could have seen it coming. I carried him and Nessa for 37 weeks. It was a textbook healthy pregnancy. My family is whole today thanks to the specialized care Darius received. Please be there for all babies who need this same chance! Thank you.

Please help the smallest babies during times of medical crisis with your donation.

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