A baby tile for Avery

May 12 2017 12:08pm
This past Christmas was a special one for Avery's family. Avery was born was full term, and with a normal birth, however she needed multiple surgeries, and to stay in the NICU for seven weeks to recover and become strong enough to go home.

As a token of appreciation, Avery's grandparents made a donation to the hospital and purchased a baby tile to celebrate Avery's homecoming.  The words on it are taken from a song that was played at her parents' wedding, "Home is Wherever I'm With You!". Avery's parents, Alison and Kelsey said there wasn't a dry eye in the house that morning... They felt so fortunate to have Avery home with them to celebrate her first Christmas.

When Avery's tile was installed on the wall in BC Women's Hospital the whole family came in to visit. They were greeted by their primary nurse Melissa and Dr. Kevin Ansah.  

"As I was about to leave, I looked down the hall and noticed Dr. Singh. DR. SINGH!!!!!" says Ali.

"Dr. Singh was the Attending when I went into labour and Avery was born. He came in before any of my contractions started, told us everything we needed to know about Avery’s resuscitation procedure upon birth and gave us all of the information we needed so our expectations were set.

Once she was born, he immediately took to Avery. Why? Because she was the sickest, and he apparently takes to the sickest babies, likely with the goal to do everything in his power to help them. Dr. Singh was there for the first two weeks of Avery’s stay in the NICU and was absolutely amazing.  He played a large role is getting all of us through."  

Ali adds, "He lit up as as soon as he saw us today and came out to meet us immediately. He took Avery and she was so cute, trying to grab his nose and lips and he gave her kisses and snuggles and looked like he didn’t want to let her go. It was beyond amazing.  He told us this was why he loved his job, for moments like these. He was having a rougher day and when we left he seemed energized and told us we had made his day and actually thanked US for coming to visit. It was such a good MOMENT. I smile thinking about it now."  

"Walking out of the NICU, I just felt so happy, I sorta missed it. Not the emotional roller coaster we were on when we were in there, but I miss the amazing people who were there all day, every day, prioritizing our babies and all the other babies lives." 

"It was an incredible day at the NICU." adds Ali as she and her husband Kelsey brought their "take home" tile back to their house - it will be framed and in Avery's room forever. "It symbolizes so much," says Ali, "we will make sure that brief stay in the NICU is held close to her (and us), forever."

Here is Little Ms. Avery on CTV!

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