UPS helps vulnerable newborns with the purchase of new equipment

May 11 2017 11:10am
UPS volunteers who committed their time to BC Women’s Hospital last year enabled a $28,000 (USD) donation from the UPS Foundation for an incredible piece of Newborn ICU equipment—the Criticool Therapeutic Hypothermia System.

Dramatic advances in research, care and technology are transforming the delivery of care for tiny, sick babies. When a baby’s brain is deprived of oxygen during birth, these tiny beings can be left with significant life-long mental disabilities. The great news is state-of-the-art technology, like wrapping a distressed baby in a Criticool system to lower their body temperature, significantly increases a baby’s chance of survival while reducing the risk of brain injury.

This gift of $28,000 (USD) from UPS is a fine example of a partnership that truly benefits everyone. UPS volunteers made this generous gift possible by volunteering over one hundred volunteer hours over the past year with BC Women’s. Thank you to these UPS volunteers and to the UPS Foundation for demonstrating such a strong commitment to supporting BC Women’s Hospital and the babies, women and families who come from across the province for life-saving care. It is community support like this that helps us give vulnerable infants the best chance to survive and grow into vibrant children.

From left to right: Sean Uhm, David Mason, Cindy Morrison, Daniela Brueckel, Coreen Thomas, Carmen Anctil, Dr. Horatio Osiovich, Aimee Nygaard, Eileen Stewart, Ryan Coutts, Elizabeth Terrell, Ram Venkites and James Carruthers