The ‘Gift that Keeps on Giving’

BC Women’s Hospital Foundation is deeply grateful to the Heathcliff Foundation for their commitment to provide support for women-centred healthcare in perpetuity.

The visionary Heathcliff Foundation began contributing to an endowment in 1998. They recently re-pledged to their endowment with an additional $50,000 to bring it to a new total of $150,000 in endowed funds that will provide a permanent source of income to support the needs of BC’s women, newborns and families.

With the ongoing support made possible by endowment giving, BC Women’s will be able to sustain our high level of service and also expand to meet increasing demands in the future. The capital equipment needs of a hospital are always growing because of regular wear and tear and technological innovations. Endowment giving is a very powerful way to help BC Women’s to stay at the forefront of medical research and excellence in patient care.

The gift of an endowment will become a person’s legacy and should be a reflection of their values – the right charity can help their endowment reflect those values in a very meaningful way.  A donor should feel confident that the charity they choose can steward their endowed gift with the best possible advantage.  But the most important thing is an alignment of heart.

Establishing an endowment allows a charity to create a “trust” when the gift is made. The principal is invested in perpetuity and only the income from your gift is used to support an area of health care that is important to you or where it is most needed. More and more donors are attracted to this way of giving, recognizing that through an endowment they can keep making annual gifts – forever!

The Heathcliff Foundation endowment is yet another wonderful gift from this organization, marking nearly two decades of generosity to BC’s newborns, women and families. Their endowment is helping to ensure that the needs of women, newborns and families in BC are met now, and in the future.