The Dixon Family's Generosity

May 11 2017 2:27pm
For the fourth year the Dixon Family has rallied friends, family and their community together to raise funds for the Newborn ICU.

This annual event held in Aldergrove is in memory of their son, Bentley, who only lived 28 days before succumbing to the complications of premature birth three years ago.

Little Bentley's memory will be kept alive in this close-knit community and at BC Women's Hospital through this popular fundraiser.

"It was amazing to see everyone come together for such an important cause and to hear other people's stories; it is comforting to know that we are not alone in this and our son Bentley will never be forgotten," said the family in a statement from a previous year.

Together this beautiful family has raised over $10,000 for the babies in the BC Women's Newborn ICU.