Thank you to Face the World Foundation

May 11 2017 11:03am
With Face the World’s generous support, BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre has successfully launched and piloted the ‘Fir Square: Art of Healing’ Expressive Arts Therapy program.

Many of Fir Square’s new moms and mothers-to-be have struggled through a lifetime of trauma. This innovative program gives these vulnerable women valuable skills to deal with their past, manage stress, and move closer towards healing and personal fulfillment.

In the expressive art-therapy sessions a patient uses her creativity and imagination to make art that expresses herself in a healthy and productive way. Once a patient has opened up about her pain the therapist is able to introduce steps towards dealing with underlying trauma and help her move towards healing.

“The program was piloted in the fall and almost immediately we knew that it was going to be successful – women loved it and found Lee our art therapist so approachable and skilled. Staff observed positive changes in the women’s stress and anxiety levels within one or two sessions…

…The women are so willing and open to share their art work and journal entries with pride and enthusiasm. They find that by working with Lee during their weekly therapeutic sessions they are able to address their emotional trauma and develop effective comfort measures and inner resources.”     Jill Mahy, Program Manager at Fir Square

This incredibly valuable program is helping women to develop new coping skills that will support healthy parenting. 

Thank you Face the World for supporting healing that is helping to break generational cycles of abuse and trauma.