Thank you Central City Foundation

May 11 2017 11:00am
Today, the health care needs and demands for care from marginalized vulnerable women in the Downtown Eastside are greater than ever. Thanks to a donation from Central City Foundation, BC Women's was able to renovate and equip a third clinic room to create even more access to desperately needed healthcare services for women in the DTES neighborhood.

This one-of-a-kind clinic provides women with access to primary care, including screening and prevention services for breast and cervical cancers and chronic diseases like diabetes, counseling, point of care testing for HIV/AIDS, support groups as well as health information and resources. What makes the clinic even more accessible for women is that it offers them a mix of drop-in and appointment care; and links women with specialized health care services like colposcopy treatment for cervical cancer. Care is sensitive and tailored to the needs of at-risk women, providing support and referrals for those coping with mental health issues, abuse and violence, substance misuse, and homelessness.