Thank you Canucks for Kids for improving the mental health outcomes of sick babies!

BC Women’s Hospital Foundation is thrilled that through a generous donation of $34,000 from the Canucks for Kids Fund, a new state-of-the-art neonatal Brain Monitor has been purchased for BC Women’s Newborn ICU!

Babies born prematurely are at a much higher risk of developing mental health problems as teens and adults than full term babies. Premature infants are ten more likely to suffer from seizures than a baby born at term (20% vs 1.4%), and these seizures are often very difficult or impossible to detect with the naked eye. Research shows that without the information provided by a neonatal Brain Monitor, doctors and nurses only identify 9% of seizures which occur in premature babies.

This places a baby’s life and brain functioning at unnecessary risk.

Early prevention is critical when it comes to improving long term mental health outcomes for these vulnerable infants. A key intervention where advanced technology can make a critical difference to a baby’s developmental outcomes is continuous brain monitoring through a neonatal Brain Monitor. The Brain Monitor gathers vital information through 4 sensors attached to a baby’s head. A bedside monitor continuously watches and stores data about the baby’s brain function, emitting an alarm when a seizure is suspected so that specialists can intervene BEFORE any damage is done.

Previous donations from the Canucks for Kids Fund to Hope Starts Here include $70,000 in 2012 towards a state-of-the-art Infant Transport Incubator System and $100,000 in 2011 for two neonatal Incubators. Through their generosity, our province is a safer, healthier place for babies!

Thank you Canucks for Kids Fund for helping to give premature babies from across the province their best start in life!