Nordstrom’s $5,000 gift helps BC Women’s neonatal specialists treat jaundice in the NICU

December 19 2017 11:05am
Thanks to Nordstrom’s gift, BC Women’s has hit three-quarters of the goal to outfit every Omnibed Incubator in the new Newborn ICU with state-of-the-art Bililight Phototherapy Systems.

The Teck Acute Care Centre (TACC), opening in October 2017, will house the new Newborn ICU. This move will allow BC Women’s NICU to continue to be at the forefront of innovative practices and care for newborns and their families.

However, this shift into a new facility has only contributed to BC Women’s ongoing list of urgently needed equipment, including 74 “Bililight”, LED lights that attach to each Incubator to treat jaundice.


With close to 1,400 premature and sick babies cared for annually in the Newborn ICU, and ~1,100 of these infants afflicted with jaundice, these Bililight systems help treat jaundice and prevent brain damage in hundreds of babies each year!

Usually jaundice is not a concern in full term newborns. But as with everything, extra care must be taken with the tiniest, fragile patients. Premature babies, like the ones cared for in BC Women’s Newborn ICU, can suffer devastating outcomes from untreated jaundice, including hearing loss, vision problems, dental problems, brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Nordstrom’s support will help us to provide the most effective neonatal care possible – saving the lives of premature babies.

We are so proud to announce that, with the help of Nordstrom’s $5,000 gift, the NICU team has purchased a new Bilisoft light… bringing our total count to 54 of the 74 needed to equip every Incubator in the new facility!

This gift will empower neonatal specialists with today’s most sophisticated tools – helping them save the lives of precious infants. We are deeply grateful to Nordstrom for their generous donation.

Please consider making a donation to help us reach our goal of equipping every Incubator in BC Women’s NICU with a Bilisoft light.