Ministry of Health

May 11 2017 3:09pm
The Ministry of Health contribution to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit Campaign will help to provide sick babies in maternity hospitals across the province with the best possible nutrition – mother’s milk.

The BC Women’s Milk Bank has a proud, 40-year history of collecting, processing and supplying human milk. Donated by nursing moms who have a surplus, human milk helps sick babies in the hospital and the community resist illness and infection. 

Thanks to a special $650,000 grant to the Newborn ICU Campaign, the BC Ministry of Health is partnering with BC Women’s to make our Milk Bank a national leader in donor human milk banking.

BC Women’s will be the hub of the new Provincial Donor Human Milk Bank Program. When the program is up and running with milk depots in other communities around the province, up to 8,000 sick babies in BC’s maternity hospitals will have access to donated human milk.

This new program will also enable BC Women’s and the province of BC to take a national leadership role in research, education and guidelines for human milk banking.