MAC AIDS Fund - Supporting HIV+ women through an invaluable program at BC Women's Hospital

May 11 2017 2:06pm
For HIV+ women, especially those who experience additional challenges such as poverty, addiction and homelessness, BC Women’s Oak Tree peer support groups are a godsend. Without the visionary support of MAC AIDS Fund, through their recent gift of $50,000, women living with HIV/AIDS would not have access to this program.

Because of the generous contributions of MAC AIDS Fund, women now have with a safe space in which to discuss and disclose the myriad of issues they are struggling with. For many HIV+ women, the status and stigma of HIV is compounded with addiction issues, sex trade, low income, immigration challenges and many other struggles. Without the safety and confidentiality of the peer support groups in which to share their stories and get guidance and support from other HIV+ women and the peer Facilitators, many of these women could easily become isolated.

Thank you MAC AIDS Fund for your steadfast support. We are thrilled with the way the groups have evolved to become stronger and ever more supportive of the women who so desperately need the guidance and knowledge they offer.