Leila Oldfield's Legacy Lives on at BC Women's

December 20 2017 12:41pm
Giving is inherent in some people’s personality. It could be as small as helping your neighbour mind their children, or a child donating pocket money to charity. For Leila Oldfield, giving generously was part of her everyday life.

Leila Oldfield gave her time, making cookies and distributing them to the homeless. She fostered a child through World Vision. And she gave generous gifts to the causes that mattered to her. “Leila was such a warm-hearted person,” says her niece, Gail Garland. “She was so caring.”

Leila had a daughter, Anne, a registered nurse who worked at St. Paul’s Hospital. Not surprisingly, Leila supported a number of local hospitals, inspired by her daughter’s work. Unfortunately, Anne passed away at age 65, leaving behind her devastated mother. “Like other parents in her situation, Leila was deeply saddened by the fact that she had outlived her only child,” says Gail.

Leila herself passed away in 2006 at the age of 90. But her spirit lives on in the many organizations that she remembered in her will, including BC Women’s. “Most of her estate was left to charity,” explains Gail. “She was a true philanthropist and set a wonderful example to those around her. We miss her greatly.”