Hylcan supports Ultrasound Simulation at BC Women's

May 11 2017 2:05pm
Medical simulation is remarkable technology - but what is truly remarkable is the benefit it has for our patients.

ltrasound simulation helps physicians learn to detect a wide range of potential health issues in a baby during pregnancy by using a computerized mannequin which is controlled by a sophisticated computer system.  This system can be programmed to reveal an extensive variety of fetal anomalies, or normal pregnancy findings.

Traditionally imaging experts have needed to rely on the willingness of pregnant patients to allow trainees to learn how to diagnose problems in an unborn baby and practice their imaging skills. It’s a practice that puts undo stress on patients who have limited tolerance. Such hands-on training makes it extremely difficult for medical students and physicians upgrading their skills to get adequate time to learn. 

BC Women’s vision is to provide training to all healthcare providers across the province so they can do ultrasound scanning in their family practice offices. The goal is to improve access for pregnant women to this diagnostic technology and improve the delivery of care. Acquiring an ultrasound simulator significantly advances the skills of our imaging specialists, and will be a critical training tool for BC’s future imaging technologists, current obstetricians and family physicians who practice maternity care.


Pictured: Judy Martin, Executive Director - Hylcan Foundation, holding baby Hal and baby Judy, with Karen Schaeffer, Leader, Simulation Program - BC Women's.  


Thank you to the visionaries at Hylcan for making this possible!

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