Donors make Infant Transport a reality

May 11 2017 10:56am
The Highbury Foundation, The Gordon and Leslie Diamond Family and the Mackay Family all raised their hands at GLOW Gala to donate $50,000 each to purchase an Infant Transport Incubator.

When a baby is born premature or is critically ill, even seconds can mean the difference between life and death.   


When this baby is being transported to BC Women’s Newborn ICU from all corners of British Columbia the single most critical piece of equipment is the Infant Transport Incubator System.  This specialized incubator acts like a mini-intensive care unit on wheels, keeping babies’ bodies warm and protecting their paper-thin skin from the elements.

All Newborn ICU equipment is specialized to care for babies in distress, but Infant Transport equipment is designed to perform in a cramped, fast-moving ambulance, jet or helicopter.

Thanks to these caring donors we have the technology needed to keep every baby safe on the most important journey of their lives.


Pictured: Peter Kehler of the BC Ambulance Infant Transport Team with a life-saving transport incubator.