Cures for Kids Foundation supports NICU Follow Up Clinic

May 11 2017 3:17pm
A generous $2,500 donation from the Cures for Kids Foundation will launch a “Books for Babies” program for NICU graduates who are at high risk for problems with their learning and development.

Being born very early, sick, and small can put some former NICU babies at higher risk for problems with their development and health.

Cures for Kids is helping to ensure these babies who have survived prematurity and life-threatening illness have the best chance to excel and reach their full potential. A donation from Cures for Kids will launch a new "Books for Babies" initiative for the BC Women's NICU Follow Up Program, putting a book in the hands of families that come to the clinic from across BC for their check up. 

"Books for Babies" will help BC Women's NICU Follow Up Program in it's mission to provide comprehensive care and early intervention, so at risk NICU graduates can go beyond surviving to truly thriving

[Pictured from Left to Right: Cures for Kids Director Avi Tutelman; Perri Tutelman, Founder of Cures for Kids; Dr. Anne Synnes, director of BC Women’s Neonatal Follow-up Clinic; and Greg Allen, LL.B. Chairman of the Board of Cures for Kids]


Please join our family of supporters by making a donation to help the babies cared for in the BC Women's Newborn ICU.