CKNW – Helping BC’s Tiny Sick Newborns + Families One Crisis at a Time

May 11 2017 11:07am
Having a newborn baby in intensive care can be one of the toughest challenges a family ever faces and takes a serious toll on the entire family. Taking time off work and losing wages; paying for childcare; long distance calls; nights in hotels; affording meals out for weeks on end all add up quickly, especially for disadvantaged families.

CKNW is helping to give families with a baby in critical condition hope and stability. Their $10,000 gift has jumpstarted a critically needed Family Support Fund in BC Women’s Newborn ICU. The Family Support Fund is providing emergency resources for disadvantaged families with a premature or critically ill baby in the Newborn ICU, and for families in our Newborn ICU Follow Up Program. After being discharged from the Newborn ICU, families with high-risk babies visit the Follow Up Program at key milestones in their child’s development for monitoring until they are 5 years old. Traveling to BC Women’s for checkups for their child on a regular basis can be especially challenging for low income and out-of-town families.

Now, families in financial need can access everything from grocery, gas, clothing and meal vouchers to breast pumps to long-distance calling cards to transit tickets. Thank you CKNW for supporting better health for the province’s most vulnerable premature and critically-ill babies by empowering families during one of life’s most difficult times.

Please join our family of donors to help families.