Central City Foundation and Face the World Foundation Support a Lifetime of Health at Fir Square

May 11 2017 2:39pm
Thanks to the generosity of Central City Foundation and Face the World Foundation, Fir Square mothers have a new instructional kitchen and cooking program!

The generous support of Central City Foundation and Face the World Foundation has helped us launch the ‘Fir Square: Transforming Lives One Healthy Meal at a Time’ program—an innovative nutritional skills-building program for the residents of Fir Square. For most of us, the kitchen is the heart of home and family. For the women of Fir Square, poverty and addiction can make feeding their families a struggle.  This new program is helping women at Fir Square develop the skills to make their families affordable, nutritious meals with limited resources.

On August 12, 2014, the very first cooking skills class was held in the renovated Fir Square kitchen. Thanks to Central City and Face the World, the beautifully equipped kitchen is available for weekly instructional classes that will teach the mothers and mothers-to-be at Fir Square about nutrition, food safety and preparation, meal planning and food harvesting from the Healing Garden (kindly supported by the Central City Foundation and Shirley Barnett.

Pictured here, Natasha has a great time while helping to prepare a delicious meal for the group.

Thank you Central City and Face the World! Your support is directly benefiting the women of Fir Square and their children by providing essential life skills that will give them a fresh start.