BEING SAFE module from Ministry of Justice is helping Aboriginal girls

May 11 2017 11:06am
Ending violence against Aboriginal woman and girls is an urgent national issue. Aboriginal women are at extremely high risk to experience violence at the hands of someone they trust and love, including intimate partners. The Ministry of Justice is investing in the long term health and wellbeing of aboriginal girls and women across our province with a $10,000 grant to support the “Being Safe” curriculum of BC Women’s Ask Auntie project.

Ask Auntie is a girl-centered, Indigenous Youth Wellness program designed by BC Women’s Aboriginal Health Program to prevent violence and enhance healthy relationships among 10 – 14 year old Aboriginal girls. The aim of Ask Auntie is to build resilience among Aboriginal girls, enhance wellness, and reduce violence against girls and women by helping fostering healthy, safe relationships, strengthening communities, and promoting healthful living.

This project was supported through a contribution from the Civil Forfeiture Office in partnership with Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division, Ministry of Justice, Province of British Columbia.  

The critically needed “Being Safe” curriculum module funded by the Ministry of Justice will significantly enhance the Ask Auntie program. “Being Safe” will support Aboriginal communities to respond in a way that promotes healing and rebuilding when Aboriginal girls disclose their experiences of violence and trauma. There will be more people to turn to in times of distress.

We can achieve a healthier, violence-free future for Aboriginal people by empowering girls and women.

Thank you Ministry of Justice for this new opportunity to support Aboriginal girls in BC!