Babies at BC Women’s Newborn ICU will breathe easier thanks to TB Vets.

May 11 2017 2:07pm
At the 2014 Evening of Thanks, TB Vets Charitable Foundation awarded $20,000 to BC Women’s Hospital for a Newborn Intensive Care Oscillating Ventilator. This specialized respiratory equipment will help BC Women’s provide care for the ‘sickest of the sick’ newborns who come to us from around the province with complex and challenging breathing problems.

The babies in our care are desperately ill, and many face severe lung problems and cannot breathe on their own. For these vulnerable newborns, conventional ventilation isn’t enough, and can damage their fragile lungs. A specialized oscillating ventilator can mean the difference between life and death for these at risk babies.

TB Vets Charitable Foundation, Executive Director Kandys Merola (far right), and Chairman of the Board Eric Beddis with BC Women’s Hospital Foundation’s Aimee Nygaard (far left)and Penelope Hutchison.