Directions to our office:

  1. Enter BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre campus at Oak Street
  2. Turn right on the ring road and drive past the main entrance, Ronald MacDonald House, and the Mental Health Building
  3. Turn left at Entrance #73
  4. Pass under the archway labelled “Women’s Health Centre.”  The building is on your right side Entrance #77
  5. Enter the glass doors of the Women’s Health Centre main entrance and take the elevators to level 3
  6. Exit the elevators to your right and follow down the hallway to room D310

Parking information:

Parking is regulated at BC Women’s, and pay parking is in effect. There is also a limited amount of free parking available on nearby city streets. Please obey posted signs and respect our neighbours.

We serve a large number of patients and it is an extremely busy site. Please arrive early for appointments and visits to ensure you have plenty of time (10 -15 minutes) to drive around, to find a place to park.

The one-way “ring road” circling the entire site flows in a counter-clockwise direction and provides access to all parking lots.

Parking fees can be paid at an Automated Pay Stations throughout the site before you enter the building - just remember your stall number.

Inquiry form: