Vision for the Future

Learn more about the new Acute Care Centre.

Keri Adams Tours the Concept Rooms for the New Newborn ICU

Keri joins Julie De Salaberry, NICU Program Manager who shows her the concept rooms the NICU team of doctors, nurses and families have been working on.

The purpose of the concept rooms is to determine exactly how the room will function before construction even starts. 

Every inch of space, every electrical outlet, every piece of furniture and medical equipment is considered to optimize how the doctors and nurses will work within the space to provide the very best care for their patients.  Special consideration has been made to see how the family will best be accommodated so they can room in with their baby. 

The New Acute Care Centre

To give babies the best care possible, the Provincial Health Services Authority is building a new hospital that will include BC Women’s Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit and high risk birth programs. 

The three-phased project will see the relocation and demolition of a minor set of buildings on the Oak Street campus to make way for a new Acute Care Centre in Phase II (2014-2017).

The new Acute Care Centre will house BC Women’s flagship Newborn ICU. With an expected opening date of 2017/18, the much larger Newborn ICU will be close to a football field in size. The spacious design will allow for 70 private suites for each newborn and their family. It will greatly enhance the ability of doctors and nurses to provide the safest, best care to these fragile babies.

The goal is to keep families with their babies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to be the integral part of the care team that they are.  


Artist rendering of a Private Suite in the future Newborn ICU.


NICU undergoes a redesign for the new Acute Care Centre - Video

Using the IFD design process, healthcare professionals work together to improve the patient care experience - before construction even begins.  

BC Women's NICU staff show us how the design process works. 

This is achieved by testing the way patients and family members, care providers, medication, equipment, supplies and information could flow through the new NICU. For example, a new 3-D mock-up demonstrates that relocating the care station could improve sightlines to single patient rooms. Planning a facility using IFD allows providers to try out and revise numerous floor layouts, with the ultimate result being an improvement to patient care.