Hope Starts Here

February 7, 2017 5:05am
Find out about the urgent need for new, life saving equipment.


Our tiny patients are so sick and fragile and require such a  high degree of specialization in their care that it would be impossible for our doctors and nurses to function without advanced, life-saving equipment, technologies and innovations.

Our equipment is aging.

Today, without a substantial infusion of funding for new equipment, BC Women’s Newborn ICU will struggle to remain at the forefront of newborn intensive care. New technology is crucial to saving babies’ lives. Dramatic advances in neonatal technologies are rapidly transforming the delivery of care to premature and critically ill newborns. It is vital that BC Women’s Newborn ICU replace its aging equipment immediately, while also investing in the next generation of state-of-the-art neonatal technologies. The lives of premature babies and critically ill newborns depend on it.

The need is urgent.

There are priority needs at BC Women’s Newborn ICU that cannot wait. We need to take action now. The Newborn ICU’s most urgent needs include advanced incubators, cardio-respiratory monitors, specialized transport incubators and emergency transport equipment, to name a few.

The future depends on it.

To provide the very best critical care to newborns, BC Women’s Newborn ICU needs the very best tools. Only the help and generosity of dedicated and visionary donors can make that happen.

Building on the annual core funding government provides, we are calling on the generosity of corporate leaders, community organizations and compassionate, committed, caring donors to help realize the bold vision – one that promises to take newborn intensive care at BC Women’s Newborn ICU to even greater levels of excellence.

Donations to BC Women’s Hospital Newborn ICU Campaign will have a powerful, direct and immediate impact on the delivery of care to critically ill newborns.


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