Donors to the NICU

February 7 2017 5:07am
The visionary individuals and organization that are helping save the lives of babies across British Columbia.


Gordon and Leslie Diamond Family

Variety The Children's Charity



Ministry of Health



Community Partner




ABC Recycling

Accenture Inc.

Alexander and Coutts Family

BMO Bank of Montreal

Canadian Western Bank

Canucks for Kids Fund

Ardelle and Ronald Cliff

Heathcliff Foundation

Highbury Foundation

Robert King

Mercer Creative

Djavad Mowafaghian Foundation

Onni Group

Oppenheimer Group

Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver

RBC Foundation

Farida and Noordin Sayani, Executive Group & Executive Hotels

Yasmin and Azad Shamji

Sodican BC Inc.

TB Vets Charitable Foundation

Dr. Edward and Eugenie Yeung

David Yochlowitz

ZLC Foundation



Auxiliary to BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre

Donald's Fine Foods


Mackay Family

Joseph Segal Family Foundation

Trinity Pacific Foundation

Viva Pharmaceutical Inc.



Peter Allard

BDO Canada LLP

BlueSky Properties Charitable Foundation

Leon and Beth Bogner

The England Group

The Hylcan Foundation

Kingsway Foundation

Geoff Lyster and Tony Cuzzetto

Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant Gala

Dak Molnar

Sarah Morgan-Silvester

Steve Nash Foundation

Panahi Family

Randall Family

Phyliss and Irving Snider Foundation

David and Elaine Sprague

Arran and Ratana Stephens

R & J Stern Family Foundation

Gareth and Leslie Thomas

UPS Foundation

Brooke and Tracey Wade

Elaine Williamson and David Sprague

Angel Xiao


Alsco Linen

The Barnes Family Foundation

Jonathan Barnett and Heidi Seidman

Cindy Beedie

Beedie Development Group

Shelly Bligh and Jeffrey Dixon

Shirin and Oliver Bock

C&W Redevelopment Project and Affinity Team

Canadian Manu Investment Group Inc.

Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation

Arnold and Julia Cheung

Dr. Jan Christilaw

CKNW Orphans' Fund

Laurie Clarke and Jim Wright

Concord Pacific Group Inc.

Cumming Family

Dayhu Investments Ltd

East Wing Management Ltd

Face The World Foundation

Bob and Judy Hager Family Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation

Heather Pei Huang

Patsy Hui

Shenoor Jadavji and Shakeela Begum

Karim and Rehana Kassam

KPMG Management Services LP

Ledcor Group

Leone International Marketing Inc.

Ming Li

MengMeng Lu and Shaojie Li

Manyee Lui

MacDonald Realty

Jeff and Kim McCord

Molnar Group

The Ng Family and Uvic HINF Alumni

Novas Capital Corp.

Pamela and Gerry O'Sullivan

Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Pathfinder Asset Management Ltd

Garet and Victoria Peters

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Regency Lexus

Michelle Rupp and Neil de Gelder

Suki Sekhon

Robin Silvester

Thomas and Lorraine Skidmore

Jason and Monica Soprovich

Eileen Stewart

TD Bank Financial Group

Lisa and Terrence Turner

Vancouver Foundation and their Donor Partners

Gregory and Ava Vorwaller

Anna Wang

Kyle and Janelle Washington

Allen and Karen Wong

Talal and Christi Yassin

Hang Zhou



ACME DMMT Holdings Ltd.

Alex Acton

Beth Allard

Zhong An Real Estate (Canada) Ltd.

Christina Anthony

Shirley Barnett

BC Women's Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

BC Women's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Warren and Shara Beach

Zach and Rebecca Bell

Boston Pizza

Meghan Brown

Xue Cai

Canorie Capital Advisors Corp.

The Foundation of Charitable Chinese Immigrants

Citibank Canada

Clearview Grinding

Cotts Holdings Ltd.

Robert Cross

D+ H Financial Technologies

Lynn and Keith Davis

Ernst & Young LLP

Evergreen Agencies Ltd.

The Fairchild Group

Malcolm Farren

Betsy Gibbons and John Verenini

Jatinder S. Gill

Myriam and Geoffrey Glotman

The Great-West Life Assurance Company

David and Jennifer Gunasekera

Najeeb Hassan

Sue Hutchison

Abdul and Shamim Jamal

Abdulmalik Jamal

Andrew Jameson

Farhad Karim

Harbhajan Khera

Gloria Leong-Sit and Colin Edwards

Mu Ying Li and Shao Wang

Lighthouse Leadership LTD.

LNG Canada Ltd, Royal Dutch Shell

I Chen Lo

Brandt Louie

Sharlene and Harold Ludwig

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Jill Lyall

Brenda and David McLean

Cynthia Miles

Heather Morrison and Bryan Lesko

Sean Muggah and Mari Shimada

Odlum Brown Limited

Leah O'Neill

Pan Pacific Vancouver

Pon Yon's Dai Society

Daniel Popescu

Port Metro Vancouver

Premise Properties Ltd.

Purple - Spa & Yoga

Elise Rees

Retirement Concepts

Jason Rook

Hamed Roshenas

Lauren Schnarr

Jeremy and Claire Sicherman

Dr. Anne Synnes

Shannon Taylor

Andrea Thomas Hill

Dr. Chiu Tse

Robert and Audrey Van Schubert

Vancouver Chinese Mama Society

Vancouver Granville Lions Club

Brooke N. Wade Charitable Foundation

Sarah L. Wallis

Sheri Weichel

Coleen Weir

Wesbild Holdings Limited

Stella Whiffin

Mark F. Wolverton

Devina and Paul Zalesky


Billie Aadmi

Jason and Maria Abrams

Al Roadburg Foundation

John and Jo-Anne Anderson

Ray Arbesman

John Armistead

Martin and Lily Arnesen

Artillery Enterprises Inc.

Yvonne Au-Yeung Lam

Monique Badun

Balmoral Shopping Centres Ltd

The Barre Technique Inc.

Barroco Fine Furniture

Jonathan and Alma Bautista

Greg Beck

Jennifer Begg

Shirley Bice

Josh and Andrea Blair

Matthew Blick

Natasha Boffo

Jason Bond

Katherine Bonnis

Bopomo Pictures Inc.

Jean and Ted Bordeleau

Amanda Bostik

Kristy Brinkley and Kevin Langdon

Steven Bruk

BSA Recycling

Paul Bunten

Danielle Callaghan

Richard Cannon

Jean Carmichael

James and Helga Carruthers

John Carsley

James Carter

Leslie and James Carter

Mark Cervantes

James Chang

Neil Chantler

Nancy Chapman

Marie Chen

Sophia Cheung

Michelle Cheung

Joanne Childs-Stynes and Sean Stynes

T. Henrichs Christiaanse

Winnie Wing Yee Chung

Nelson Chung

Stanley Chung

Alice Chung

Alexandra Ciaraldi

Matthew and Cynthia Cicci

Sharon Cooper

Krista Cooper

Colin Copp

Corry Staff Financial Group Inc.

Joel and Dawn Crawford

The Cross Decor & Design Inc.

Tracy Cunningham

Cheryle Curnew

Harvey and Jody Dales

Farid Damji

Tara Danilowich

John Davidson

Connie Davies

Cheryl Davies

Lawrence Davis

Linda Dawson

Julie and Bernard de Salaberry

Patra De Silva and Barry Kaplan

Kristina and Mitch de Strake

Chad Decker

Huarong Deng

Diplomatic Immunity Clothing Inc.

Leanna Doane

Natalie Doman

Sherry Doman

Dorset Realty Group

Joel and Marousa Dumaresq

Aurela Edgson

EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.

Elite Wealth Advisors Inc.

Carmen Elzinga

Kevin England

Morris Ergas

Lisa and Ralph Essinger

Jennifer and David Evans

Lori Falconer

The Fan Family Charitable Trust

Mohammed Faris

Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver

Aaron Fineman

Lauren Fineman

Dr. Stephanie Fisher

Karen Fleck

Lorne Folick and

Folik Holdings

Glen Fordyce

Diane Francis

Aaron Franks

FSM Investment Inc

Thomas Wing Fat Fung and Amy Man Ling Chan

Margaret Fung

Mario Furlan

G & F Financial Group

Calvin Gan

Alison Gardiner

Genus Capital Management Inc.

Dr. Ellen Giesbrecht and Les Nerling

Kathy Giesbrecht

Michael Gill

Golden Ears Pub

Elizabeth and J. Lindsay Gordon

Rosamund Graham

Granville Island Candle Company

Laura Griffiths

Elizabeth Gross

Patricia Gudewill

Fatima Gulamani

H.Y. Louie Co. Limited

Tara Haddad

Stephen Hall

Song Han

Harbour Publishing

Judy Harris

Christian Hausot

Barbara and Morris Hestrin

Morris Hestrin

Bruce Hitchen

David Ho Personal Real Estate Corp.

Paul Holden

Erin Holm

Evan and Stephanie Hopkins

Carlene Hornby-Allen and Ross Allen

Kenneth Horng

Lauren and Matthew Hornor

Ivan J. Hruska

Yi N. Hu

Gary Huebner

Michele and Gary Huebner

Cindy Hung

Dr. Henrik Huttunen

Martti Huttunen

Hydrowest Products Ltd.

Darci Ilich

Iron Mountain Welding Ltd

Elpie Jackson

Azim Jamal

Erin Johnson

Jolly Coachman Pub & Liquor Store

Rita and Derek Keeler

Dr. Nancy Kent and Gordon Hall

Sukhjinder Khehra

Julia Kim

Kiwanis Club of West Vancouver

Sharlene Kjorven

Stephen Knight

Oscar Kristoff

Chiow Min Kuan

Petra Kuret

Ladies Auxiliary to the Royal Canadian Legion #6

Anissa Lalani

David Lam

Yu Lam

Valerie Lambert and Dr. Duncan Farquharson

Ronald Lanthier

Annie Law

Angela Lee

Legacy Park Lands Ltd.

Thelma Leung

Hou Liping

Anne and Wolfgang Lippert

Pansy Lo

Lohn Foundation

John Lorenz

Tong and Geraldine Louie Family Foundation

Manyee Lui Realty Ltd.

Jason MacDonald

Robert Mahaffey

Ranvir Mahal

Jasbinder Mahil

John Maiorino

Hanif Mamdani

Harriet Man

Lorena Mangalji

Fayaz Manji

Karim and Salima Manji

Mark's Auto Body Ltd.

Dr. Michael Martin

Marina Matei

Debbie McGhie

Mary and Paul McGivern

M. McKinnon

Victoria McMillan

Kendra McPherson

Robert Milacic

Milani Plumbing, Drainage and Heating Ltd.

Sean Millington

Dr. Saman Moaveni and  Andrita Nafissi

Dr. Deborah Money and Dr. Bradley Fritz

Merrie-Jean Mulhern

Hanif Muljiani

Cameron and Margaret Murphy

Balli and Sakwinder Narwal

Joyce Ng

Michelle S. L. Ng

Helen Ng

Fred Nicks

Nordstrom, Inc

Northwestern Athletics

Oasis Foundation

Paul Oei and Loretta Lai

Michelle Onyango

Jennifer and David Pearson

David Peebles

Ali and Kirsten Pejman

Timothy Philpotts

Shelley Philps

Loren Plottel and Elliott Lipsey

Pollock Family Philanthropic Fund

James Prescott and Michelle Huisman

Dr. Tracy and John Pressey

Robert Quartermain

Alain and Linda Quennec


Dr. Nicole Racette

Anithadevi Ramdhani

Rancho Management Services (B.C.) Ltd.

Raymond James Canada Foundation

Razzle Dazzle Gifts

Frances Redick

Robin Reichman

Andrew Reid

Thomas and Sara Relling

Relling Family Foundation

Jie Ren

Dr. Stephanie and Jonathan Rhone

Constance Ricci

Eric Van Roon

Emanuela Rossi

Peter Salusbury

Baljit Sangha

Salim Sayani

Mark and Rita Schnarr

Jill Schnarr

Carolyn Scholz

Nanci and Gary Segal

Julie Shepard

Joanna Shillington

Marion Shovlain

Jason Shull

Sip and Savour

Eleni Skalbania

Dr. Amanda Skoll and Dr. Gerald Marquette

Jazel and Fernando Jr. Solano

Connie Spear

Sport Yukon

Bruce St. John

State Street Matching Gift Program

Dale Steele and Dan Nguyen

Lee and Anna Stefano

Lisa Stout

Jun Su

Brent Sutton

Marion Taggart

Thomas and Ida Tait

Dave and Jenny Terpstra

Andrew Thalen

Judy and Isaac Thau

Douglas Thomson

Kirsten Tisdale

Patrick Tong

Raymond Townsend

Melissa and Ben Tripp

Union of Canadian Correctional Officers

United Global Chinese Women's Association of Canada

Jasvinder and David Uppal

Catherine Van Dop

Dr. Julie Van Schalkwyk

John Vanderburch

Sachin Varma

Dr. Giselle Villar Inc.

Ronald Voyer

Joel Voyer

Jenn Wallace

Lifei Wang

Elizabeth Watson

Wear Else

Wedgewood Hotel

Caleb Wei

West Cove Construction Ltd

Western Projects Management Ltd.

Whitewater Concrete

Anne Williams

Jennifer Winsor

Women of the Moose, Nanaimo Chapter 197

Yee Wah Wong

Bonnie Wong

Sabine Wood

Stephen Wu

Yong Xiang

Xiaoling Xu

Andy Xuan

Robyn and Vincent Yen

David Yu

Marco Zanatta

Fan Zhou

Linda Zhu

Amir-Mahyar Ziaeian

Dan Ziegler and Angela Nee

Peter Zuo


10th Street Medicentre

18 Wheels Logistics Ltd.

Lloyd and Virginia Aasen

Nancy Abrams

Maria Abrams

Jenny Abrams

Access Consulting Group

Ian Adair

Lynne Adams

Maureen Adams

Alison Adrain

Laura Agnew

Edna Aguiñaga and Pong Leung

Barb and Martin Aidelbaum

Jeffrey Ain

Dr. Susan Albersheim

Dr. David Albiani

Candice Alderson

Brian Alexander

Teresa Alexcee

Alida Ali

Noman Ali

Haneef Alibhai

Sophia Alibhai

Graham Allard

Rick Ambrose

Dr. Shazhan Amed

Frank Anders

Elaine Andrews

Diane Andrews

Angel Concepts Inc.

Linda Angell

Nirmal Anthony

Theresa Antonick

Robert Appleton

Rimi Aproze

Aquilini Investment Group

Tim Argast

Martha Arias

Dwayne Ash

David Asiimwe and Beatrix Berak

George and Norma Asp

Timothy Au

Dr. Simon Au Young

Paul Auger

Jeff Austin

Sandi Au-Yeung

Robert Azana

Connie Bagnall

Carolyn B. Bailey

Sandra Bain

Amreet Bains

Matthew Baker

Suresh Balasubramaniam

Terri Baldwin

Kristine Balfour and Wade Roulette

Jeff Balfour

Duncan Ball

Winifred Ballantyne

Shelagh Ballard

Jim Ballard

Briar Ballou

Goolshun Balsara

Bernadette Banares

Dr. Deb Banerjee

Duncan Barber

Tom Barber

Inga Barchan

Michael Barillaro

Julie Barker

Linda Barnes

Sandrine Baron

Irene Barr

Toby Barr

Vishavdev Basanti

Dilbahaar Bath

Athena Bax Fine Art

Kimberly Baxter

BC LTD 0815684

Paul Beauchamp

Diana Bedford

Neil Beggs

Marcia Belisle

John Bell

Greig Bell

Victoria Bell

Lori Benedet

Akaisha Bennett

Tracy M. Berreault

Bobbi Bestwick

Jan Beuker

Julie Bevan

George and Laurie Beveridge

Nalini Bhagat

Manoj Bhagirath

Gurminder Bhangoo and Tina Sangra

Abdul Bharmal

Parminder Bhatti

Navtej Bhupal

Karen Bichin

Sister Gabi, Simi, Ava and Kaylee Biling

Satpal Binning

Rosie Binsted

Holly Birch

Carolyn Bishop

Maurice Blackman

Bev Blake

Doreen Blanchard

Louise Bliss

Isaac Bluhm

David and Megan Blumer

Sally Blyth

Pete Boëda

Ed Boney

Leanne Booth

Kerri Booth

Jocelyn Boots

Andrea Bornhauser

Elizabeth Bosa

Shannon Bosa Yacoub and Emad Yacoub

Barbara Bosdet

Dawn Bourne

Chris Bowell

Bowers Medical Supply Co.

Janis Boyd

Bridget Boyle

Nancy Boyoko

Jonathan Bradley

William Brassington

Bridge Electric Corp.

Judith Briggs

Brandon Brind

Vera Brookes

William Brooks

Bruce Broughton

Keith Brown

Loreen Brown

Brenton Brown

James Brown

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brownlee

Chris Brumwell

Billy Bryan

Dana Buchart

Sera Buckman

Maria Buenaventura

Dr. Karen Buhler

Heather Buitenhuis

Mohammed Buksh

Jean Bumen

Yovhan Burega

Angela Burghard

Roger Burkett

Lorraine Burton

Cameron Buschel

Katrina Bushell

Tamara Bustos

Phyllis Butler

Butlers in the Buff Events Ltd

Timon Buys

John Byrne

Cactus Restaurants Ltd.

Debbie Callison

Nancy Cameron

Carol Campbell

Canaccord Financial

Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Paul Cantle

Angeli Capitulo

Gabriela Caranfil

Ryan Cardinal

Mandy and Greg Carlson

Samuel Carsley

Mary Ann Carter

Cassian Contracting Ltd.

Francisco Catala

Edwin Cendana

Ziqi Chai


Julie Chan

Yiu Pong Chan

Sharon Chan

Ivy Chan

Chi Chan

Jennifer Chan and Frankie Lam

Philip Chan

Ida J. Chang

Carrie and George Chang

David Chang

Armel and Stephanie Chao

Heather Chapman

Leslie Chatelain

Dr. Naowarat Cheeptham

Yen-Hui Chen

Lun Chen

Xiaoming Chen

Marlene Cheng

Rosa Cheng

Loveena Chera

Dr.William Chernenkoff

Jenna Cherney

Joanna Cheston

Elizabeth Cheung

Sora Cheung

Ellen Cheung

Bryan Chi

Peter Chieng

Kaoru Chiku

Kitty Ching

Georgina Chipman

Linda Cho

Karen Choi

Choices Markets

Lina Chong

Allen Chong

Hin Chong

Julie and Eugene Choo

Lesley Christie

Anna Christie

Neil Chrystal

Erik Church

Frank Chute

Derrick Chute

Jean Chute

Citizens of Fort Nelson

CKN Holding Ltd.

David Clark

Peter Clark

Brooke Clarke

Cohen Clendening

Cameron Clendening

Sharon Clendening

Lorna Cloutier

Coconut Grove Inc.

Richard Coglon

Patricia Coirier

Dennis Cojuco

Blake Cole

Terry Cole

David and Mary Colley

Norman Collingwood

K & L Holdings Company Ltd.

Connexion Fitness Inc.

William Cooper

Coquitlam Heritage Society

Coquitlam Towing & Storage Co. Ltd.

Jordana Corenblum

Laura Coueffin

Mark Courtenay

Rebecca and Tony Coval-Kalla

Brenda Cowgill

Stephanie Cownden

Irene Cox

CP Capital Group

Susan Crawford

John and Carolynn Crawford

Shannon Croft

Dena Crompton-Nicholas

Peter Cronin

Trudy Cronin

Valerie Cross and Gary Cross

Jodi Cross

Nate Cross

Woody Cross

Dr. Andrea Csiszar

Joan Cunningham

Linda Cunningham

Wendy Currie

Erika Dabner

Mark and Jo-Anne Dagsvik

Patricia Dairon

Michael Dalziel

Fatima Damji

Mary Daniel

Christopher Daniel

Petra Danielson

Sarosh Dastoor

Louise Dau

Howard Davies

Carolyn and Cliff Davis

Cliff Davis

Geoff and Michele Davis

Laurie Dawkins

Keith and Katharine Dawson

Dr. Peter and Jennifer de Bakker

Paul and Deborah de Bakker

Sophia De Mello

Gino De Pieri

Ciaran Deery

Anne-Marie Dekker

Delish General Store

Anne Marie DeLuise

Patricia DeLyzer

Anna Demitri

John Dennison

Wynne Der

Emily Desman

Marian Desmet

Marlene Desrosiers

Dee Dhaliwal

Sukhjit Dhaliwal

Arjun Dhaliwal

Jaspreet Dhaliwal

Amanjot Dhaliwal

Harnek Dhanda

Charnjil Dheri

Inderjit Dheri

Braham Dhillon

Khushwant Dhillon

Mona Dhillon

Yvonne Diamond

Dickson MacGregor Appell

Anh Diep

Shelley DiGinosa

Christopher Dirk

Finley Dixon

D'Light Hair Art Inc.

DMK Kitchens Inc

Mitchell Dodd

Dr. Gail Dodek-Wenner

Dog WAGS Services

Laura Dohm

Ruth Dollinger

Dominion Lending Centres IAM Fraser

Bill Donaldson

Denise Donegani

Kellan Dong

G Cameron Dong

Jill and Michael Drever

Cheryl Driver

Sandy Duck

Patrica Duggan

Sead Dugic

Joan Dumarsq

Christie Duncan J.

Fiona Duncanson

David and Heather Dunn

Joseph Dunn

Yolaine Dupont

Gwyneth Durose

Dale Dyck

Janet Easterbrook

Carolyn Edy

Kathryn Egli

Valeria Ehman

Ilene Eisner

Michael Ellenwood

Norman and Diane Elliott

Kathleen Emery

Maureen Emery

Wally Eng

Bill English

Jessica Englouen

Marcos Ergas

Ellen Esmann

Kari Ewing

Samantha Falk

Sandy Fan

Mina Fard

Pamela Kaur Farmer

Gregory Feltmate

Li Feng

Dr. Anne Feng

Eva and Peter Ferguson

Rohith Fernando

Craig Ferris

Sharon Ferriss

Barbara Ferro

Jason Fifield

Sue Fimrite

William Finck

Rob Fiorvento

Diane Fish

Jodi Fisher

Wendy Fisher

Jennifer Fisher

Caroline and George Fitch

Kiley Fithen

Stephen Fitterman

Mallory Fitzgerald

David Fleming

Ronald Fleming

Sonya Fletcher

Muk Hoi and Siu Fong Fong

Tara Fong

Reg and Sylvia Foot

Anna Forbes

Gerard Forte


John Foster

William Fox

Rosemarie Francis

Francis Investments

Marlene Franks

Ryan Fraser

Carol Fraser

Brian Fraser

Dev Fraser

Appie and Liesbeth Frentzen

Jason Friesen

Blaine Friesen

Paul Froc

FS Financial Strategies Inc.

Kathy Fugman

Alison Fuhr

Rhonda Fuller

Ada Fung

Thi Fung

Henry Fung

Futura Corporation

Sandra Gagne

Valeria Gal

Al and Mary Galbraith

Courtney Galer

Darlene Galer

Darren Galer

Doug Galloway

Roy and Ruth Gangdal

Susan Garber

Stephany Garber Black and Phoenix Black

Fabian Garces

Heather Garnett

Barbara Garnis

Nicole Garton-Jones

Beverly and Yves Gathier

Barbara Gee

Richard Gee

Effie Genovese

Linda Getz

Mohsen and Ana Ghazaghian

Amy Gibbins

Susan Gibbons

Miriam Gibson

Dr. John Gilbert

Ruel Gilchrist

Yadwinder Gill

Tony Gill

Anisha Gill

Robin Gill

Kulwant Gill

Parminder Gill

Dr. Geoffrey Gillespie

Kerry Gillis

Marianne Glover

Dr. Paula Gordon

Dr. Brian and  Tiki Goldenberg

Ben Gong

Craig Good

John Goodchild

Yasmin Gordon

Ken Gordon

Ryan Gordon

Josie Gotamco

The Gourmet Warehouse

Garth Graham

Amanda Graham

Kathleen Graham

Robert Gramiak

Isabel Grant

Lesley Grant

Melissa Grant

Gerry and Sheila Gray

Jordan Grayman

Vivian Green

Greenfield Spa - Granville

Kelly Griffith

Paul Griffith

Brian Griffiths

Virginijus Grigaitis

Chad and Anne Grimm

Ron Grisdale

Debbie and Victor Griswold

Gloria Groom

Frances Grunberg

Sorin Grunberg

Yunli Guan

Phillip Gudgel

H Squared Productions Inc.

Andrew Haak

Lynne Haan

Thomas Haas

Lisa Hack

Aynsley Hadden

Ashkan Hafezi

Michael Hajdukovich

Atousa Hajshirmohammadi

Gillian Hall

Michael Hall

Gail Hallett

Wendy Hamilton

Lynda Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton

Kenneth Hamlin

Anne Hankinson

Patricia Hansen

Barbara Harder

Hardy Capital Partners

Rena Harney

Karen Harrison

Tammy Hartmann

Darryl Harvey

Dr. Marge and Dr. Bob Hawkins

David and Pawan Hawthorn

Ann Hayduk

Sucha Hayer

Gulsharn Hayre

Reza Hedayat

Lynn Hedekar

Balbir Heer

Makhan Heer

Robert Heffel

Joanne Helme

Coryn Hemsley

Michelle Hendriks

Patrick and Heidi Hennelly

Nicole Hennelly

Setsuko Hennelly

Heritage Law

Abby Herlin

Cecilia Heung

Edmund Heung

Douglas Hill

Hideharu Hirose

Kelley Hishon

Mary Ho

Jimmy Ho

Sandy Y. T. Ho

Soi Hoang

Mina Hoang

Darren Hobden

Thomas Hockley

Oorvax Hodiwala

Davor Hodzic

Trudy Holden

David Holland

Jacquie Holland

Kenn Hollingshead

Constance Holloway

Andrew Holmes

Dr. Liisa Holsti

Jordan Hood

Peggy Hopkins

Judy Howard

Dennis Howlett

Peter Hrdlitschka

Jessica Huang

Hung-Fei Huang

Chin-Jung Huang

Joy Huculak

Lilian Vera Hudson

Faye Hudson

Lai Kei Huen

Leigh Huettner

Grant and Karen Hughes

A. Mary Humphreys

Jim Humphry

Carol Humphrys

Jag and Kameldeep Hundal

Stephanie Hung

Florence Hung

Al Hunt

Shiraz and Yasmin Hussein

Galen Hutcheson

Margaret Ibey

Icing Enterprises Inc.

Helen Imber


Innhouse Group of Companies

Intercity Packers Ltd.

Trena Irving

Linda Irwin

Corinne Isherwood

Betsy Ives

Jean Ives

J.T. Insurance Services (Canada), Inc.

JACP Holdings Ltd.

Richard Jaffray

Linda Jager

Kimberly Jakeman

Giselle Jallad

Roumina Jamal

Alana James

Sandra James

Christian Jarvis

Joseph and Elizabeth Jarvis

Sarah Jaysmith

Susan Jecks

Bita Jenab

Dr. Heather Jenkins

Melanie Jenkins

John Jennings

Frederica Jensen

Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Vancouver

Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver

Yue Jiang

Aussie Jiwani

Balvindar Johal

Christopher Johnson

Diana Johnson

Lavinia Johnson

Lynda Johnson

Shannon Johnston

Jennifer Johnston

Daniel Johnston

Sarah Jones

Leslie Jones

Amy Jones

Brad Jones

Kevin and Michelle Jones

Margaret Jones

Paul Jones

Freida Jong

Francisca Jose

Peggy and Frank Juan

Tajender Jubbal

Zarmineh Kaleem

Tony and Rebecca Kalla

Gursukhman Kang

Yicheng Kao

Asif Kara

Salim Karim

Assaf Kartadinata

Judy Kaufman

Gurdeep Kaur Khun

Micki Kawana

James Kay

Riyaz and Kamarjahan Kazi

Kaitlin Kazmierowski

Sarah Kecskes

Jennifer Keefer

Todd Keeler

Olivia Kei

Kelly Keith

Gwen Keller

Nicole Kelly

Alexander Kempenaar

Gerald Kennedy

Leslie Kent

Lisa and Greg Kerfoot

William Kerr

Wendy Kester

Doug Kester

Key Construction Development

Khalda Khan

Mervat Kharsa

Nezhat Khosrowshahi

Jill Killeen

Mike Killeen

Wayne Kilner

Tony Kim

Dr. Mina and Rob Kim

Diane Kindree

James and Christie King

Brian King and Catherine Nickerson

Leah King

Linda Kingsbury

Nickole Kirstiuk

Janet Kitsul

Karen Kjorven

Barbel Klenke

Karl Knittelfelder

Linda Knox

Mike Koessler

KON Auto Service Ltd.

Catherine Konantz

Saraphina Kong

Dr. Hee-Jeong Kong and

Alex and Sheila Konopczynski

Annie and Chung Sun Koo

P. Ann Kosick

Boban Kovachevich

Jennifer Kozak

Zen Kozak

Ida Krajsek

Connie Krempien

Emma Kucher

Roberta Kuhn

Rhonda Kullberg

Annie Kuo

Jenny Kuo

Megan C. Kwan

David Kwan

Allison Kwan

Denise Kwo

Josephine Kwok

Caleb Kwok

Jandia Kwok

Abdul Ladha

Peter Ladner

Rhonda Laferriere

Consuela Lai

Gina Lai

Lawerence Lai

Winnie Lai-Fong

Dr. Peter Lake

Monisha Lal-Manhas

Frankie Lam

Susanna Lam

Harris Lam

Yi Ting Lam

Stephen Lam

Fei Lan and Donald Nybo

Haida Lane and Daryll Rebeschini

Cheryl Lane

Marion Lane

Craig Langdon

Langley Liquor Store

Bernice Langton

Margaret Lanthier

Ken Larson

Audrey Lassila

George Latowski

Lynette Lattimer

Pui Kwong Lau

Siu Fong Lau and Muk Hoi Fong

Dr. Pascal Lavoie

Stella Law

Ashley Law

Gary Law

Xin Yi Law

Pat Lawlor

Pete Lawlor

Ramona Lazar-Long

Brandy Ledford Davoudian

Angela Lee

Wai Wing Lee

Virginia Lee

Carlota Lee

Leslie Lee

Cindy Lee

Jae Ho Lee

Cathy Hsi Yi Lee

Edward Lee

Keith Lee

Linda Lee

Mary Lee

Mona Lee

Rosanna Lee

Roselyn Lee

Wendy Lee

Sonny Leong

Tami Leonty

Teresa LePoidevin

Paul Lermitte

Maria Lescano

Gertrude Leslie

Jessie Lester

Shiu Kee Leung

Paulo Leung Personal Real Estate

Bernard Leveille

Marion Levi

Levon Uniform & Textiles Ltd.

Diane Lewis

Ludia Li

Ada G. K. Li

Shiyi Li

Jinyuan Li

Eric Li

Hwi Chen Li

Zhen N. Li

Yihua Li

Yu-Fu Li

Brenda Lightfoot

Audra Ligumsky

Marianne Lim

Mary Lim

Rosa Lim

Hangjie Lin

Alvin Lin

Jessie Lin

Robert Lin

Tiffany Lin

Karen Ling

Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia

Peter Liu

Dong Hua Liu

Jane Liu

Lisa Yuen Sze Liu

Audrey Livland

Alice Lo

Nicholas and Shirley Lo

Adrian Loh

Jacqueline Longo

Calvin Louie

Eileen Louie

Brendan Lounsbery

Gary Lovell

Donna Lowndes

Debbie Lowrie

Winston Lu

Xuan Luc

Calin and Gabriela Luca

Elizabeth Lucas

Bill Luft

Cecilia Lui

Eleanor Lui

Elizabeth Lui

Jim Lukow

Connie Lum

Lumina Hair Design

Angela Lunderstedt

Mauritz Lundt

Xu Luo

Brian and Susan Lupton

Lauren Lupton

Jocelyn Lyster

Flora Ma

Shelagh Macartney

Ian MacDonald

MacDonald Tuskey

Lisa and Don MacFayden

Kimberly MacGregor

Felicitas MacInnes

Robert and Nancy Maciver

Allan MacLauchlan

Carol MacMurchy

Marsha MacMurchy

Scott MacRitchie

Ian and Erica Madsen

Melissa Magnuson

Regan Magor

Mags Plumbing Ltd.

Clarisa Mah

Wendy Mah

Donna Mah

Derek Mah

Patrick and Jenifer Mahaffey

Jo-Anne Mahon

Hong Mai

Janet Majendie

Lori Major

Lysanne Mak

Zahra Mamdani

Melanie Mancini

Dr. Deepak Manhas

Christopher Mann

Richard Mann and Arlene Hughes

Sarah Manske

Twila Manson

Rachel Mantel

Jasmine Marchant

Cristina Marghetti

Elpie Marinakis

Patricia Markle

Bruce Marks

Eleena and James Marley

Marquise Holdings

Meagan Marrow

David Marsh

Darlene Martens

Laura Martens

Dale Marthaller

Corey Martin

Mary Hill Child Care

Luigi Marzitelli

Walt Massey

Vanessa Mathers

Dr. Tom and Julie Mathien

Sandy Mathiesen

Faith Matthews

Parkash Mattu

Joan Maurer

Hanif Mawji

Zainul Mawji

Kathryn Mayne

Don McBain

Keith and Gwen McBurney

McCallum Pharmacy

Sharon McConnell

Kim McCord

Brian McCoy

Gail Mccraw

Mary McCulligh

Marilyn McCurrach

Rebecca McDiarmid

Janet McDonough

Ciara McGeough

Andrew McGifford

Bryan Mcguinness

Anne McGuire

John McIntyre

Leanne Mckenna

Kelly McKinnon

McLaren Housing Society of BC

Patti McLeod

Geoff McMahon

Brian McNamara

Rochelle McNaughton

Catherine McQueen

Linette McRae

Ian McRae

Tracey McVicar

Trevor Meier

Marilyn Melnychuk

Sheannie Mercado

Roberta Meredith

Louise Merler

Herbert and Shirley Merritt

Melanie Mezzarobba

MI World Development

Michbenmen Holdings Inc.

Franco Michielli

Evelyn Mickelson

James Mickey

Alexandra Miles

Krista Miller and Robert Korolek

Tracey Miller

Brock Miller

Michele and Clinton Miller

Donald Mills

Kailey Milroy

Stanley Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell

Salma Mitha

Elias Leo Mitsiadis

Chutiporn Mitton

Mobile Giving Foundation Canada

Modern Fort Design Co.

Paul Mok

Molson Coors

Justin Monahan

Carol and John Money

Desiree Money

Susan Monk

Rob Monterio

Alice Moore

Deborah Moore

Taylor More

Wilfred Moreau

Claude Moreira

Keith Morgan

Genevieve Morrison

Robbie Morrison

Michelle Moseley

Lloyd Moseley

Sandra Moseley

Sandy Moseley

Saeedeh Motalebpour

Fu Zhong Mu

Sara Muise

Tammy Mulder

Joshua Mulherin

Ron Mulhern

Marie Muljiani

Claude Murdoch

Trevor Murphy

Mike Muzylowski

Dr. Jonathan Na

Josephine Nadel

Josephine Nadel Law Corp.

Bill and Josy Nadiger

Sureshkumar Nagaratnam

Priya Naidu

M. Rury and Daniel Nakagawa

Rajnesh Narayan

Linda Nassey

Sarah Nathanson

National Bank of Canada

Neater Numbers Accounting Services

Angel Negris

Ronnie Negus

Dr. Erle and Gitte Nelson

Nada and Ken Neumann

Darrell and Christine Newland

Clara Ng

Rosana Ng

Karen Ng

Stephen Ng

Ivan Ngan

LeVan Ngo

Ng Family and UVic HINF Alumni

George and Dawn Nickerson

Susan Nickerson

Laura Nicolato

Kimberley Nielsen

Michael and Richelle Niemeijer

Navniraj Nijjar

Bobby Ning

Winfried and Ruth Nitsche

Melanie Nitsche

Jacqui Noftall

Tiare and Gino Nonni

Norcan Management Ltd

Liesa Norman

Northridge Four Square Church

Margo Novak

Kenneth Nowlan

Hang Ntuyen

Glenda and Roy Oakley

Cristina Oberti

Judith O'Cain

Shelley O'Callaghan

Michael O'Callaghan

Molly O'Callaghan

Jim Ogden

Michael Ohlmann

Okanagan Court Reporters

Joel Olandesca

Susan Oliveira

Sucha Ollek

Thomas O'Neill

Ida Or

Orbit Financial Management Inc.

Dr. Horacio C. Osiovich

Sarah Osland

Janice O'Sullivan

Louise and Hugh Oswald

Ken Oxenham

Brian Paes-Braga

Paloduro Investments Inc.

Dr. Julia Panczuk

Jordana Pandolfo

David Papau

Katie Paquet

Lorna Paquin

Parada One Design Corp.

Helen Park

Amy Parker

Carolyn Parker

Dave Parker

P Parker

Jayesh and Nicole Parmar

Carole Partrick

Dorothy Pastro

Harlene Patara

Patient Care Services

Tamara Patterson

Rhonda Patton

Jacqueline Pau

Angela Pau Maymay

Don and Carol Paulsen

Elaine Paulson

Maria Pavao and Mark Burran

Bronwen Payerle

Kristi Pecor

Michelle Peltier

Catharine Pendrel

Glen Petrie

Tuyet  Thi Pham

Linda Pham

Son Van Pham

Louise Phillip

George Philp

Wilhelmina Pienaar

Mark and Terry Pillon

Simon Pimstone

Jamilyn Pink

Carolyn Pinkney

Nikita Pinski

Pioneer Pallet and Lumber

Jamie Pitblado

John Plant

Derek Plausinis and Andrea Ross

PNG Enterprise Foundation

Michelle Pockey

Jami and Nicholas Pollitt

Richard Pollock

Little Mr. Hy Pollock

Michelle Pollock-Kohn

Adam Polukoshko

Eric and Kathy Poon

Alysha Poonja

Mirjana Popescu

Andre Powell

Dr. Roanne Preston

Linda Prince

Yasmin Prol

Maria Proust

Pulse Energy

David K. Puterman

Christine Quigg

Sandy Quon

Pete Raab

Barbara Rae

Vijay and Devi Raghunathan

Lorena Rai

Judy Raimondo

Shaine Rajwani

Alvin Ram

Paul Rankin

Donna and Anssi Rantamaa

Karen Ravensbergen

Malcolm Reading

Rebound Fashion Inc.

Red Crayon Design Ltd.

Jaspreet Rehal

Charles and Julie Reid

Briony Reid

Robert Reid

George Reifel and

Farzin Remtulla

Yongwei Ren

Patrick Rennison

Reshine Trading Ltd.

Jerry Rhyason

Yvonne Rice

Paul Richards

Keith Richardson

Joy Richardson

Kerry Richter

Sylvia Riessner

Elisabeth Riley

Jasmine Rinaldi

Linda Rinaldi

Jane Ritchie

Sarah Robbins

Shaun and Slavica Roberts

Christopher Robertson

Debbie Robertson

Graham and Suzanne Robins

Tom and Beverly Robinson

Carla Robinson

Rolls-Right Industries Ltd

Gladys Romero

Mercedes Romero

Lynnis Rondeau

Steve Roosdahl

Joseph Rosen

Anne Ross

Maria Rossi

Jacob Rossi

Moreno Rossi

Arlene Rourke

Kim and Edward Rourke

Royal LePage Sussex

RSP Ventures Inc.

Larissa Rutquist

Claire Ryce

Andrea Ryce-Beal

Markus Sabater

Mari Sabo-Walsh

Ekta Sachdev

Raj Sahota

Sukhpal Sahota

Margot Saito

Anthony Sales

Paul Salikin

Harjit Sall

Carol Salway

Susan Sam

Setareh Samari

Darlene San Miguel

Kiran Sandhu

Robert Sandve

Dan Sanford

Gurmit and Rana Sangha

Dawinder Sanghera

Sandeep Saran

Saskatoon Health Region

James Savage

Sofia Sayani

Shelly Scheideman

Kevin and Sarah Schindel

Andrew Schmiedel

Valerie Schroeder

Pam Schurman

Katie Schwitzer

Gustavo Sedler

Jaspaul Seehra

Seera Family

Anna Marie Seitz

Christian Sekaly

Maria Senajova

Yara Senno

Patrick C. Seto

Graeme Sewell

Michael Sewell

Mary Sewell

Masud Shah

Nabila Shaikh and John Dorff

Kerrie Shakespeare

Ellen Shapiro

R. Allon Shapiro Personal Real Estate Corp.

Andrea Shaw

Tracey Shaw

Ronald Shaw

Dr. Dorothy Shaw-Millman and Marc Millman

Sohail Sheikh

Jian Rong Sheng

Susanne Sherwood

Yasuaki Shigemitsu

Daryl Shipanoff

Harry Shively

Lesley Short

Sandra Sidor

Joyce and Peter Sievenpiper

Peter Sievenpiper

Talbinder Sihota

Lori Simcox

Nancy Simms

Jean Simons

Heather Simpson

Dr. Paul Sinclair

Nicole Sinclair

Randeet Singh

Sanjay Singh

Thind Singh

Hiu-Nam G. Siu

Mary Sloan

Susanne Sloboda

Joan Smallenberg

David Smith

Nicholas Smith

Heather Smith

Marilyn Smith

John Smith

Kerry Smith

Kevin Smith

David Smith

Kathy Smith

Dr. John Smyth

Rochelle Sneddon

Elaine Snider

Po Ming So

Ka Lai So

Hardev Sodh

Alfonso Solimano

Amin Somani

Moe Somani

Linda Somers

Susan Song

Denise Sosa

Catherine Spanevello

Madam Justice Josie Spartano

Rachel and John Spence

Tim Spiegel

Gregory Spievak

Annabel St. John

Dr. Leah Stadelmann and Dr. Paul Fleming

Corry L. Staff

Susan Stanford

Damian Stanley

Katarina Starosta

Jozef Starosta

Sasha Starosta

Laura Stevenin

Amy Stevens

Cheryl Stevenson

Jackie Stevenson

Gerry Stevenson

Gary and Donna Stewart

Jamie Stewart

Dr. Jaclyn Stewart and Mark Lamley

John Stibbard

Veronica Stinson

Helga Stopper

Lesley Stowe

Anne Stylianides

Sanjay Sudhir

Sarah, Baird, Angel Finn Sullivan

Elizabeth Sullivan

Ting S. Sung

Ralph Sutherland

Marianne Szabo

Jean Sze

Tamara Taggart

Karen Takahashi

Michael Takemori

Bobby Takeno

Anita Tam

Nathan Tamrat

Stephen Tanaka

On Ki and Man Kit Tang

Kelvin Tang

Sindy Tang

Patricia and Dean Taylor

Sheila Taylor

Brenda Taylor

Mike Taylor

Patricia Taylor

Team Clarke

Derek Tedder

Karel ten Hoope

Carla and Randy Terpstra

Gurmit Thandi

Diana Thomas

Ian and Guusje Thomas

James Thompson

Tina Thompson

Ann Thomson

Heather Thomson

Joleen Timko

Dr. Joseph Ting

Dr. Rowena Ting

Don and Dorothy Titus

Eva To

Dr. Gregory and Dr. Deborah Tobert

Tanya Todd

Gregory and Nana Todd

Glenn Todd

Pia Tofini Johnson

Derrick and Judiana Tom

Garrick and Navrup Tom

Jack Tom

Sau Ton

Edwin Tong

Suet On Tong

Jack Tonon

Kristen Tonon

Kavinder Toor

Parminderjit Toor

Sukhbir Toor

Tracy Torrell

Kristine and Mark Toynbee

Trevisani Nel Mondo Cultural Association

PJ Triance

Cathy Trimble

Viktor Trush

Jessica Tsai

Emily Tsai

Wendy and Colin Tsang

Vivian Tsang

William Tsang

Ioanna Tsaparas

Hsu-Feng Tsung

Dr. Paul Kwok Khin Tsze and Mei Ling Tsze

Curtis Tugnum

Terry Turner

Joan Tweedie

Laurie Tyson

Eirian Tzetzos

United Parcel Service Canada Ltd.

University Highlands Elementary School

Jagdeep Uppal

Angela and Andrew Vainio

Alison van Buuren

Verita Van Diemen

Van Horne Elementary School

Marjorie and Jerry Van Luven

Ed Van Osch

Frank Van Oyen

Vancouver Courier Newspaper

Vancouver Property Management Co. Ltd.

Barbara Vanderburgh

Vandana Varshney

Marshiah Vaughn-Hulbert

Jennifer Venier

Robert Verner

Barbara Vidler

Rita Vilensky

Harjinder Vinepal

Barbara Vinnick

John Vinod

Viridis Energy Inc.

Gagandeep Virk

Sarah Vollett

Gladys Von Schilling

Wilma Voth

Kiet Vuong

Wayne and Raeanne Wachell

Dwayne Wakehan

Lyle and Elaine Waldorf

Diane Walker

Sara Walker and Richard Pollock

William Walker

David Wallace

Lois Wallace

Emma Walsh

Jennifer Walsh Marr

Margaret Walwyn

Kit Yee Wan

Bin Wang

Qing Wang

Hsiang Wang

Ling-Jen and Chien-Kai Wang

Selena I-Li Wang

Rong L. Wang

Robert Ward

Ashley Ward

Scott Warren

Neil Watson

Heather Watt

Barbara Watton

Wavelength Consulting

Wendy Wazny

Kathleen Webster

Otho Webster

Hugh Weekes

Kim Weselowski

Westbridge Capital Group

Norma Whale

Trevor Whike

Alan and Jennifer Whike

Bradley White

Tara Whitten

Sandra Whyte

Enny Sri Widijati

Kareena Wilding

Fiona Wilkinson

Margaret Williams

Brian Williams

Geraldine Williams

Dr. Donald and Therese Williams

Bill Williamson

Eva Williamson

Linda Wilson

Ron and Betsy Wilson

Barbara Wilson

Bill Wilson

Janet Wilson

Rick Wilson

Windsor Pizza

WineWorld Marketing Group Inc

Winsor Gallery

Darlene Wipfli

Joe Wisse

Alison Wolfe

Diane Wolyniec

Women's Executive Network Foundation

Tina Wong

Marcus Wong

Garry Wong

Jennifer Wong

Roderick Wong

Joanne Wong

Alex Wong

Christine Wong

Clark Wong

Eric Wong

Hans Wong

Heerick Chi San Wong

Lillian Yin-Yee Wong

Linda Wong

Michael and Deanna Wong

Pamela and Godfrey Wong

Paul Wong

Diane Wong

Lynn Woo

Robert Woodward

Margaret Woolley

Michael Wu

Teresa Man Shan Wu

Francis Wu

Laura Xie

Lisa Xu

Guilan Yang

Carol Yang

Kevin Yang

Marlis Yassin

Jim Yee

Sarina Yeh

Joanna Yen

Simon Yep

Marita Yeung

Gable Yeung

Mabel Yip

Valerie Yip

Jerry Yoe

Christy Young

Jones Young

Anthony Young

Qian Yu

Regina Yu

Sarena Yung

Josephine Yung

Daniel Zapior

Tony Zarsadias

Linna Zhang

Jin Xiu Zhar

Melanie Zimmerman

Cindy Zinn

Frances Zweig

Sharon Zylstra