We can see this disease end in our lifetime

February 9, 2017 8:20am
The World Health Organization is poised to act on the guidance of experts. BC Women’s Hospital is leading the challenge to develop a roadmap that ensures women and girls worldwide have equitable access to prevention and treatment.

BC Women’s research team, led by world renowned scientists Dr. Gina Ogilvie (pictured left) and Dr. Deborah Money, continues to break new ground and lead transformational new knowledge and practices.

BC Women’s is home to the world’s leading experts in HPV, writing the national and informing international guidelines on the HPV vaccine and screening. The team has influenced global policy on cervical cancer prevention through the 2 dose vaccine, and helped to create innovative methods for cost-effective screening that is saving women’s lives in developing countries.

This outstanding team has the capacity to provide the WHO with the tools and methods it needs to eradicate cervical cancer.

BC Women’s with its PHSA partners comprise a unique team of multidisciplinary researchers and is one of the only areas of cancer where scientists from the fields of infectious diseases, obstetrics, oncology, virology, and vaccinology are working together to create and share new knowledge to put an end to this deadly disease.

With expertise across the entire spectrum of cervical cancer issues, from primary prevention to surgical intervention, BC Women’s has the proven track record, funding of more than $35 million from research institutes, and the ability to deliver tangible results. We can be a catalyst for global change.