Dr. Denise Pugash

April 26, 2017 3:12pm
Diagnostic radiologist and researcher Dr. Denise Pugash is pushing the limits of imaging technology to expand our knowledge of fetal brain development.

As a diagnostic radiologist with BC Women’s Hospital’s Diagnostic Ambulatory Program and clinical professor of radiology at UBC, Dr. Denise Pugash has devoted her career to conducting groundbreaking research. “The focus of my work is using real-time, high-resolution ultrasound and MRI to study fetal brain development,” says Pugash, “I’m pushing imaging to its limits.” Pugash is a world leader in using ultrasound to detect serious conditions affecting babies in-utero such as fetal  infection and spina bifida. Pugash’s singular skill makes early diagnosis and treatment of these conditions possible – saving babies’ lives. Recently, the Canada Foundation for Innovation, together with the BC Knowledge Development Fund, awarded $1.655 million to PRIME (Perinatal Research IMaging Evaluation) to study advances in ultrasound technology in maternal and infant health, led by Pugash at BC Women’s Hospital. “PRIME will be a centre for imaging-based research, and training using advanced obstetrical ultrasound simulation.” Pugash’s program will guide the next generation of world-class diagnostic imagers, saving even more lives.

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