Dr. Deborah Money

April 26, 2017 3:03pm
For Dr. Deborah Money, Executive Vice Dean, Faculty of Medicine, UBC and formerly VP Research at BC Women’s Hospital, genomics and the study of microbiomes promise to define the future of medicine.

Dr. Deborah Money, Vice President of Research at BC Women’s, routinely researches the unexplored frontiers of medicine in search of better treatments for her patients. A world-leading expert in infectious diseases in obstetrics and gynecology, her research into using anti-viral drugs to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to babies has reduced transmission rates to less than 1%. Money, in collaboration with Dr. Gina Ogilvie and Dr. Sheona Mitchell, is currently developing a model for widespread HPV vaccination and screening in BC using simple test kits as part of a global effort to eradicate cervical cancer. “The kits allow women living in rural areas to screen for HPV and cervical cancer quickly – without the expense of travelling to major centres.” Money also sees tremendous potential for her study of microbiomes – communities of microorganisms living in the human body that hold the key to both health and disease. “We’re close to being able to profile the ideal microbiome, understand when it’s disrupted and ultimately start trialing new therapies.” Money is also working on the leading edge personalized medicine – a microbiome gene mapping effort that could help doctors customize the most effective treatment for each patient. “That’s the future,” says Money, “and I’m proud to play a role in ensuring BC Women’s Hospital continues to contribute to this life-saving global effort.” 


Written by Ann Collette

Photography by Ian Durning