Innovative research supporting Family Planning in need of donor support

In Canada, half of all pregnancies are unintended. Single working mothers, women living in poverty, with mental illness, or in rural and remote locations can struggle to space their pregnancies—with consequences for their own and their children’s long term development. Accessing information about effective contraception is difficult and many are unable to pay for the methods they would choose if they knew about their options.

Dr. Wendy Norman, a BC Women’s Hospital researcher who holds a Chair in Family Planning, is leading innovative research into the contraceptive needs of BC Women. A Women’s Health Survey is currently underway across BC. This door-to-door survey will provide critical information about supporting equitable access to family planning knowledge, services and methods for the average woman.

To determine how to best support women in the most vulnerable situations, BC Women’s needs your help to make sure the survey reaches out to as many women as possible.  Your funds can help ensure women across BC have access to the contraceptive information and methods they need. A $50,000 matching gift is being offered by a generous donor to kick start this research.

Please make a donation to support this research today

Please feel free to contact Aimee Nygaard at 604-875-2424 ext 6410 for more information.