Pop in for a Pap

February 13 2019
No one likes having a pap smear, but the truth of the matter is, it could save your life.

February 11-15 is Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week and to mark the week, our friends at Options for Sexual Health will open their clinic doors to women who have put getting a pap smear towards the end of their to-do list.

The service is quick, free and could be life-saving - and yet women still hesitate to visit their doctor for this test.

In 2017 alone, 400 Canadian women died of cervical cancer. Some of these deaths could have been avoided through early detection and treatment.

Throughout the week, Options clinics will also host a range of events for teens to seniors across Vancouver, to raise awareness of other free services that are available in BC.

One example many people in BC don’t know about is Sex Sense - a free phone line that offers psychological and medical support. It receives over 13,000 calls annually.

Last year alone, 700 people had to be turned away from sexual health drop-in clinics in BC, due to sheer demand.

Sexual health services are more important than ever. We’re working towards a future where everyone in BC feels supported by inclusive and accessible healthcare for their sexual health.

Visit the Options site to find a drop-in clinic near you.

Thumbnail illustration by @dameproducts.