New Year’s Resolutions for your Sexual Health

December 20 2018
Genesa Greening + Dr. Lori Brotto think it’s time we take back the conversation around women’s pleasure and autonomy.

Studies show that approximately half of all women experience some kind of sexual difficulty at one point in their lives, with lack of interest in sex being by far the most common—and the most distressing.

And when sex suffers, so do all other areas of life, including mood, self-confidence, satisfaction with one’s relationship, and general well-being.

Our President + CEO, Genesa Greening was joined by Dr. Lori Brotto, who you may recognize as the Executive Director of the Women's Health Research Institute, on CTV Morning Live to discuss some New Year’s resolutions we should all consider for our sexual health.


Prioritizing your sexual health

Sexuality has been declared a fundamental part of quality of life by the World Health Organization. It’s closely linked to quality of life, place in society, autonomy, and sense of self-worth for both women and men.

Healthy sexuality doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you need to be having a certain number of orgasms per week, but everyone has an inherent sexuality—in whatever way they define it—and whenever that goes awry, it gives rise to quality of life impairments, or threats to identity and self esteem. My own view is that sexuality and sexual identity can be a barometer of your global sense of self- and sexual-esteem.” - Dr. Lori Brotto

It’s time we take back the conversation around women’s pleasure and autonomy.

There isn’t any one part of a woman’s health and well-being that you can parse out. It all matters.” - Genesa Greening

Want to read more? Dr. Brotto’s book, Better Sex through Mindfulness just hit the shelves this spring.