Amanda Lockitch - StoryHive Contestant, potential for NICU Documentary!

December 21 2017
Imagine your long awaited pregnancy ends abruptly. You are fine but your baby is not. Born six weeks early your baby requires life saving neonatal intensive care.

This is what fellow NICU alumni, and filmmaker, Amanda Lockitch experienced during the birth of her son at BC Women's Hospital. The experience was so life-changing that Amanda has submitted a proposal to The  STORYHIVE film contest, presented by Telus, with the hopes of winning at 100K grant to make a documentary film about life in the new NICU. 

"When there is a revolution happening right in your own backyard, we feel it is extremely relevant to trumpet loudly across the community of British Columbia. The new NICU at the soon-to-open Teck Acute Care Centre is truly revolutionary. It will be a facility that BC, and our entire nation, can point to as an immense source of pride." -Amanda

If you're interested in Amanda's efforts, make sure to like and follow Amanda's pages so we can show the STORYHIVE judges that there's an audience eagerly awaiting the release of her film titled Out of the Incubator and Into my Arms

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