Family + Friends Baby Tile Fundraising

Your family and friends probably want to help you with your baby tile donation. It’s easy to do, whether they live across the street, or across the country.

  1. Create your own Family + Friends fundraising page: Personalize your page with photos, videos and messages.
  2. Reach out to your friends: Connect your website to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to go viral. Email your friends and family directly from your personal website.
  3. Watch the donations come in: Track your progress towards your fundraising goal using your website.  You can let each donor know how much you appreciate their generosity by sending them a thank you message.
  4. Order your Baby Tile: When you reach your goal, celebrate your success and order your baby tile online, or we'll place your order for you - just contact Alina Wilson at 604-875-2945. 


Create your baby tile fundraising page by clicking here.