Raising funds in celebration of Sophia's first birthday

Sofia's birth at BC Women's was an incredible experience.

I was fortunate to have a fairly short labour and delivery and every step of the way, I had wonderful support from doctors and nurses there, including afterward, when I was learning to breastfeed.

To mark the occasion of Sophia's first birthday, we had a big party with friends and family. But aside from celebrating Sofia's birth, the party served another important purpose.

So when it came time to plan Sofia's first birthday party, my husband and I decided to ask people to donate money for a baby tile in lieu of presents. We thought this would be a great way to direct people's good will to a worthy cause.

When I contacted BC Women's Foundation with my idea, they were incredibly helpful. They provided us with donation cards and return envelopes to include with the invitations. This way, our guests sent in their gifts directly and anonymously.

I look forward to the day that Sofia is old enough to understand what we did to celebrate her birth. I think she will be pleased and proud that she helped thousands of B.C. babies and their families. And I hope our party/fundraiser serves as inspiration to other families in B.C. If every first birthday in the province was celebrated this way, just think of the difference we could make!


Please make a donation to BC Women's Hospital to give every baby the very best birth.