Saving Lily's Twins

Thanks to you, Samantha and Rebecca are happy, healthy and thriving 

Lily Farris was over the moon when she found out she was pregnant with identical twins. But, multiple births have the potential for complications and Lily’s  pregnancy was especially high-risk: a shared placenta had resulted in abnormal blood flow to the babies. The stakes could not have been higher.

“I knew there was a chance I could come home with one – or even no –babies,” says Lily.

Thankfully, her babies’ odds improved dramatically when Lily was referred to BC Women’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Clinic – BC’s top centre for woman facing high-risk or complicated pregnancies. For the next 18 weeks, Lily was in the care of a team of highly specialized physicians and nurses.

“The team monitored the twins regularly, day after day, week after week,” says Lily. “I knew the odds of a successful outcome would be much better with that kind of vigilance.”

Then, on August 15, one of the babies developed critical blood-flow changes and stopped growing. Lily underwent an emergency C-section to deliver Samantha and Rebecca. But, born at 29 weeks, the babies’ health crisis was far from over.

The twins were transferred to the Newborn ICU for breathing support and blood transfusions, and Rebecca also underwent heart surgery.  It would be 57 days before Lily could hold them in her arms. 

“I knew the NICU was the best place for them,” remembers a tearful Lily, “but it was still heartbreaking to go home at the end of the day and leave them behind in the hospital.”

After 95 days, the entire family finally reunited at home.

Thanks to your support, the young mom who feared she might lose both her babies smiles broadly as she embraces her healthy, joyful little girls. 

Story written by Gail Johnson
Photo of Rebecca and Samatha at home by Claudette Carracedo

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