A delivery that didn't go as planned

The day after Rachelle Tambeau was induced at BC Women’s – Mother’s Day – is a day she’ll never forget. In the last five minutes of delivery, Rachelle’s baby began showing signs of distress. She had aspirated meconium, which affects a baby’s breathing, and the level of severity was high. Here is her story from CTV 
When Rachelle’s baby girl, Kaidryn–was born, she was immediately taken to the BC Women's Newborn ICU where her lungs were drained and then aspirated. She was then treated with surfactant therapy, which helps to keep the air sacs open.

Two anxious hours later, Rachelle saw her little girl for the first time. Poor Kaidryn was hooked up to an aspirator and had been given painkillers to minimize stress and pain. “When I first saw her she was so tired and drugged up, and she had been paralyzed to stop her from breathing on her own,” she explained. “I was so grateful to the nurse who was with her for explaining all the equipment and how it was helping to save my daughter’s life.”

For the next five days, Rachelle camped out in the family room of the hospital–ready to feed Kaidryn at a moment’s notice. There was no way she was going to stay home when she knew that every time she fed Kaidryn was one less tube feeding, and one step closer to getting her home. “The nurses were all so awesome,” said Rachelle. “They would come and wake me whenever it was time for a feeding.”

In the end, what was expected to be a two or three-week recovery period lasted just four days, and it took another day to ensure that Kaidryn was eating well enough to be released.

When asked if she would go to BC Women’s again, there is no hesitation: “Yes! The help and support is amazing.”