Born at 24 weeks

A Kelowna family is raising money for the BC Women's Hospital after doctors saved their premature baby's life. Video from Castanet News

Baby Ruel was born very early: 24 weeks. To get the best care available, he was brought to BC Women’s Newborn ICU.  Sharlene and Thomas Kjorven spent 99 days in the NICU as their baby boy recovered. 

Ruel’s dad, Thomas, is a talented artist and musician. Help the "sickest of the sick" newborn babies in British Columbia:

  • Buy Thomas Kjorven's album "24 Weeks," a tribute to his premature son Ruel.
  • Buy Monster of the Day T-shirts, featuring Thomas Kjorven's original artwork he created in the NICU.  
  • The proceeds of the album and t-shirts benefit the BC Women's Newborn ICU. 

Thank you for helping babies in need Thomas, Sharlene, and Ruel!