Genesa Greening - Business in Vancouver's "Forty under 40!"

We are so proud of our President + CEO, Genesa Greening for winning a spot on Business in Vancouver’s “Forty under 40” list.
For nearly twenty years, Genesa Greening has delivered local, regional and international impact through philanthropy, community development, social enterprise and organizational change.
She has lead and advised more than 20 charitable causes and raised over 250 million dollars in BC, the US and abroad. 
As a dedicated community and racial justice advocate, Genesa has extensive experience in evaluating, building and managing sophisticated, multi-million dollar budgets.
She has worked amongst many inner-city and Indigenous organizations and has served multiple senior roles with Ketchum Canada Inc., and served as Executive Director of First United Church Community Ministry Society in the Downtown Eastside; where she furthered her commitment to the struggle for social justice. 

“No matter what anyone might suggest or say, women hold the world together” - Genesa Greening, President + CEO of BC Women's Hospital Foundation.

At BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Foundation, Genesa is best known for her innovative strategic planning and leadership approach, stemmed from her strong feminist principles and ample experience in the not-for-profit sector.

Cheryl Davies, Vice President, Provincial Women's and Newborn Health; and Genesa Greening, President + CEO of BC Women's Hospital Foundation.

Today, she is focused on shedding light on the unconscious bias toward women in traditional health systems by empowering women to take agency over their own health. She does this by advocating for medical, emotional, and physical care for women all across the province; from all walks of life. 
It's a pretty amazing body of work to achieve at this stage of her career, but knowing her… this is only the beginning.
Genesa Greening with her son, Nnamdi at the Totem Pole unveiling, a part of the Indigenous Outdoor Sacred Healing Space at BC Women's Hospital.

To contribute to the work of Genesa + BC Women's Hospital Foundation, click here.

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