Congratulations to Dr. Denise Pugash for PRIME!

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) awards UBC $827,000 for research in maternal and infant health taking place at BC Women's Hospital.

The funds were awarded to study recent advances in ultrasound technology through PRIME - Perinatal Research IMaging Evaluation which will be led by BC Women's Radiologist, and UBC clinical professor, Dr. Denise Pugash (pictured left). 

The newly renovated PRIME Centre will be located in BC Women’s Hospital, adjacent to the clinical ultrasound department.

Each year, over 7,000 babies are delivered and 16,000 ultrasound exams are performed at BC Women's. Half of these pregnancies are high-risk due to serious maternal conditions or fetal abnormalities.

Pregnant women and newborn infants are two of the most vulnerable populations, and therefore improving their health and saving their lives is one of the highest global priorities.

Recent advances in ultrasound technology position us to take this imaging modality to the next level, and to apply it to a broader spectrum of maternal, fetal, neonatal and child health challenges -and importantly, to facilitate accurate diagnosis, treatment and therapy before birth.

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