Dr. Melanie Murray wins PHSA+ Award

This year Dr. Melanie Murray was presented with one of only two awards in the individual category for her exemplary work at BC Women's Oak Tree Clinic, for WelTel - a project which involves sending out regular texts to support the clinics most vulnerable patients between appointments.

“There are patients out there who feel completely alone, so just having someone text them once a week and ask, ‘How are you?’ can be enough to make them feel connected.”

Patients taking part in the WelTel program receive regular text messages to check in and see how they are doing.  Their responses are monitored, and any potential problems are relayed to medical professionals who then contact patients directly.

“Checking in with patients on a regular basis provides an opportunity for them to let us know if they’re having problems,” observes Dr. Deborah Money, VP Research at BC Women’s. “The sooner we know patients are struggling, the sooner we can apply solutions to help prevent any serious complications from progressing.”

The PHSA+ Awards program was created to recognize and celebrate the passion, dedication and invaluable contributions our staff make every day to PHSA’s vision: Province-wide solutions. Better health.

A panel of five judges, chosen from a cross-section of the organization, was charged with the humbling task of choosing the winners for the PHSA+ Awards. The panel reviewed the shortlisted nominations, ranked them, came to consensus and identified the four nominees (two individuals and two teams) with the highest overall scores to receive an award.

The winners were announced on June 4, 2014 at the Leadership Town Hall, held at the Child and Family Research Centre. Our President and CEO, Carl Roy presented the four PHSA+ Award winners and three honourable mentions with certificates.

Each day, individuals and teams across PHSA’s agencies, programs, services and divisions exemplify the PHSA's values through their work and help to advance their strategic directions.

Congratulations Dr. Murray!



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