ABC Recycling - Donor of Hope Program

July 23, 2017

ABC's ongoing engagement of its corporate partners to donate scrap metal in support of BC Women's Newborn ICU provides an essential, continuous source of funding for the most critically ill babies across the province.

Each year approximately 1,400 critically ill newborns are admitted to BC Women’s Hospital Newborn ICU . Here, these tiny patients receive the advanced, often life-saving medical care they need. The 60-bed unit is the largest, most advanced and specialized newborn critical care facility in BC, staffed by a diverse group of highly experienced neonatal specialists. But leading edge care requires leading edge equipment. To continue to provide the very best life-saving care, state-of-the-art tools and technologies are needed. Our donors' help and generosity will make that happen.


Visit ABC Recycling to find out more about this unique program or contact Karen Bichin at 604-522-9727

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