June 22, 2017
Social entrepreneur and loving mother of two shares her story with the aim to connect other amazing mothers to encourage further research and community support around subjects such as Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety (PPD &PPA). 

The Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Moments Campaign, in support of BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation and our initiative to increase research in Integrated Mental Health, has gone viral. Joanne Ma, the creator of Modern Fort, the online shop that gives back, is featuring this campaign through the very popular Mama Diaries. This series includes posts  written by or about mothers struggling with PPD, PPA, PTSD and other affiliated issues; while also giving readers the opportunity to comment and ask further questions.

Partnering with Type A Photography this campaign has created a beautiful series of A-Day-In-The-Life photo videos of real families. These videos showcase a very different and “real” side to motherhood, with the aim to counteract popular “mommy-blogger” aesthetics popularized through social media today.

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The Mama-Diaries section is noted for its well-written and honest stories, featuring mothers from all walks of life, sharing their real and raw journey into motherhood. 

 “We're here to encourage mothers to unite because really... we have more similarities than differences. Plus, it's time to share some real moments on Instagram to normalize motherhood and highlight the beauty within the chaos. Hope this provides support to someone out there and relief to mothers that... it's ok not to have our shit together all the time. And that's a beautiful thing.” –Joanne


BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation plus the Women’s Health Research Institute are in the very early stages of developing accessible resources and materials for mothers and families surrounding reproductive mental health. We could not be more excited that the Real Mom’s, Real Stories, Real Moments Campaign is shedding light and creating awareness on these subjects that need to be at the forefront  of the conversation when talking about women’s health.

Each month The Modern Fort looks for new mom-related issue to support. If you know of an organization, cause or project that you would like to be recognized, please email them at with the subject line COMMUNITY CAUSE. They would love to hear all about it. 

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