2017 Shoppers LOVE. YOU. Run For Women - A Record Breaking Year!

May 13, 2017
May 13th 2017 - A record breaking 1,200 participants from all over Metro Vancouver ran or walked 1, 5 or 10km in the Shoppers LOVE.YOU. Run for Women on Saturday, May 13, 2017 and over $130,000 was fundraised for the BC Women's Hospital.



The fifth annual Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women in support of integrated mental health at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre was a resounding success!





A record breaking 1,200 participants from all over Metro Vancouver ran or walked 1, 5 or 10km in the Shoppers LOVE.YOU. Run for Women on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 and over $130,000 was fundraised for the hospital.

Incredible fundraising and team recruitment efforts were made in support of the campaign by staff members across the hospital over the last few months. On run day our tenacious and dedicated team captain, Ann Pederson, Director of Population Health Promotion plus the lively Marg Seppelt, Director of Strategic Transformation + Improvement, helped to encourage nearly 70 staff and family members from BC Women’s Hospital with their inspiring words. 

At our BC Women's Hospital tent our lovely RBC volunteers engaged with the public and handed out delicious Oppenheimer apples to hungry runners. 

At this year's run we were excited to display a piece of the Oak Tree Clinic's art project "Portraits Against Stigma." The project hoped to break down the stigma associated with HIV to show the real people behind this liveable condition. At the run, participants were able to connect with the powerful and emotionally charged portraits from the program with the help of Jane Cameron, Trauma & Addictions Counsellor and Val Nicholsan. Some of the funds generated by this Run have helped and will continue to help such programs.

BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre integrates mental health initiatives in many other ways. From offering counselling services in the Complex Chronic Diseases Program and supporting women in the heart health promotion program as they work to reduce their personal risk factors for heart disease, to providing counseling to the women and men who have experienced a sexual assault and providing HIV+ women with peer support, BC Women’s seeks to provide women with the physical and mental support they need. This is consistent with the understanding that there can be no health without mental health.  We are grateful that Shoppers Drug Mart has continued to support integrating mental health care within the program offerings of BC Women’s.

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