Twenty Eight + Oak - an incredible jewelry company in support of the Newborn ICU

September 16, 2015
Purchase the beautiful handcrafted, safe and modern jewelry and accessories by Twenty Eight + Oak in support of the Newborn ICU!


The story of Twenty Eight + Oak

The founder of Twenty Eight + Oak, Jami Pollitt, has created a fabulous jewelry company after her son Emerson spent five weeks in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at BC Women's Hospital.

"By the time Emerson was discharged, we had already spent 64 nights apart. His NICU nurses had essentially acted as stand-in parents for the majority of his first 9 weeks.

They cared for our child where we could not. They bonded with us, taught us, and nurtured us throughout our journey. They celebrated with us when Emerson wore his first outfit (5 weeks old), had his first bath, and took his first bottle. And they were honest with us when the days were difficult and outcomes were unknown.

It is through this experience that Twenty Eight + Oak was born. Our company was named after the gestational week that our son was born, as well as the location of his birth. A portion of proceeds is donated to the BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre in thanks for their incredible work.
Twenty Eight + Oak specializes in handcrafting safe, modern jewellery and accessories that have been carefully designed to withstand abuse by little hands + mouths.

Each piece is titled after a specific person who contributed to our NICU experience. A variety of shapes and textures make Twenty Eight + Oak fun for little ones to manipulate, and also serve as sensory tools, which help to reduce stress and encourage focus, preventing sensory overload.

These statement pieces are available to be munched + pulled, and to be worn with confidence. You will find no scratchy parts or broken chains. No metals or glues. No small pieces waiting to break off. Each portion of our products is skillfully secured in place. We employ a method of continuous cording wherever possible.
Our beads consist of raw untreated wood and 100% BPA-free food grade silicone that is non-toxic, as well as latex, and heavy metal free. Products are constructed with thick, fast-drying nylon satin cords and breakaway clasps that will release when tugged firmly. Silicone does not support mold or bacteria growth - just hand wash in mild soap + water and lay flat, or hang to dry.

We hope that you love our pieces as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you!"

- Jami Pollitt, Founder of Twenty Eight + Oak


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